Saturday, 5 January 2019

2018 Roundup

May I wish you all a Happy new Year, I hope you all had  a great Christmas. As I have been doing a roundup of all the churches I visited over the year for the past few years I see no reason to change and more so a Google+ will be closing down in a few months.  This will be a long blog so get the coffee & cake and read on
This year I started with some churches that were not far from where I live though the first few had been visited the previous year (I always seem to be a month or so behind in posting them) just before Christmas.
The first church was St Mary Magdalen Stoke Talmage which looked very nice on the outside but the door was locked and all I could do was add a link to Oxfordshire Churches showing the inside
St Andrews Wheatfield was not far away and was visited next but again was looked only this time due to a theft that had happened the previous year. I was told it would be opening again but as yet I have not had a chance to return. St Mary Pryton was the last church in January and gave me the opportunity to see inside

February saw me in Didcot, first at the Cemetery which I think dated to the early 20th century it was not far from St Peters Didcot which was next. A Church which was quite old but was one I did not expect to see inside so was not disappointed when I found it locked.

The next 10 posts were visited over a weekend and the first church I visited was one I had wanted to see inside for a long time, Again I was not disappointed, I had stopped off to look at in the past  St Katherine Chiselhampton and it was one of the few Church Conservation Trust Churches that is locked and where  you have to collect a key from a nearby pub. 

All Saints Church Nuneham Courtenay is another belonging to the Church Conservation Trust  and was only a few miles away from St Katherine it is a beautiful church dating to the mid 1700's and well worth visiting if you get the chance

I started March off with the story of the Sutton Wick Air Crash which happened only a few miles way and must have affected the whole area. 
St Peter Marsh Baldon was not far away from another crash site and is a nice little church to visit.
Most of the crew from the crash sites are buried at Abingdon Cemetery where you can visit many war graves there
Not far away is Our Lady St Edmund a Catholic church I have passed but until now never had the chance to visit I found it very interesting in that it was also attached to a convent next door
The month ended with a visit to St Lawrence South Weston
which was one of the churches over in the Watlington area I wanted to visit

St Mary Adwell was only A few miles away but to my loss it was locked and I doubt I will return unless I can get the key to go in the church

 I managed to visit St Leonard Watlington the next day after finding a christening going on on my previous attempt

I took you around the churchyard the following week as I felt it deserved a blog of its own.
I ended the month with a visit to St Laurence North Hinksey was from my archive  it is a beautiful old church and one I will return to when I visit the church in the next village hopefully in the next few months
May came around and I took you to another Conservation Trust Church All Saints Shirburn a church which I had see the sign to many times on my way to the M40 along the road. Must admit when I fist tried to visit the church I had wondered how to get to see it but found out it was in the grounds of a nearly Shirburn House and you got the keys from the gate house and it was well worth the effort of going and getting them

The church after that was St Luke Garford which turned out to be behind a farm but I found was locked, the church begs a return visit when I can get the key
The following week I took you to St Mary Lyford w wonderful old church that dates back to the 13th century and where nearby a Bomber crashed in World War two killing all on board. I still have to visit the graves at a y War Cemetery in Oxford

The month ended with a visit to Wales and Capel Maelog which I only noticed while sitting in the car with my wife eating an ice cream. All that remains of this place is an outline of  a small chapel that once was there in the 10th or 11th century, it was excavated in 1984.

St James West Hanney was in June and I showed this over two blogs with the second one showing the inside of the church

St Andrew Headington was another church from my Archive, something I have run out of now I'm afraid but at least I have the time now to visit new churches. Not much I can say about this one but I may try and visit it again when it is open

St Martin Bladon was the next church, the place you can see the grave of Sir Winston Churchill and though the church does not stand out like some of the others I have visited it is still worth visiting if only to see Sir Winston's Grave and the small exhibition inside.

June went out with a visit to All Saints Newbridge on Wye a fine example of Victorian work but alas the church was locked.

St Nicholas Sulham I had visited before many years previous but the photos were rubbish and it was a quick stop off after visiting some World War two remains nearby. This time I stopped off after going to a DIY store in Reading and was pleased to see it had not changed

St Matthew Harwell was another church I visited a few years ago but never got around to writing a blog on so this was rectified

I ended July with a visit to St Nicholas Beedon a small church on the Berkshire downs off the A34. It has one of the best Scratch Dials I have seen

August saw me in St Barnabus Peasemore a rather splendid looking church with Lychgate leading to it

Not far away was St Mary Chieveley 
but that was unfortunately locked and reading about some of the inside sounds interesting. I think I my be returning to visit this one

I took you to  St Mary Chalgrove for the next two blogs because I felt it could not be covered in one, The church is well worth visiting for the wall art you can see in the chancel

My next two churches were in Long Hanborough First with Christ Church then the following week the Methodist Church neither  of which I managed to see inside.

I made up with this on the following visit to St Bartholomews Chapel a stunning chapel in the middle of a set of almshouses and well worth visit if you are nearby.

Another church I found locked was All Saints East Lockinge which may well be on the cards for a revisit if I can find where to get the key.

September ended with another from the Archive I forgotten about. St Peter Woolhampton, this was locked when I visited many years ago so I may well try to revisit

I had the opportunity to visit the Friends Meeting House in October which I was very pleased about and found the place a friendly one to visit.

St Bartholomew Oare was my next church which was locked but as I know where to get the key I will return as soon as I can

Holy Trinity Hermitage 
is only a few miles away from Oare and I only noticed them while looking at my OS maps for churches I missed seeing the little cross marking the church the first time. It was a nice church that had been re ordered

I was back in Wales for my next church St Afan Llanfechan
 a church that seem to a bit of bad problem with them living in the roof space

Just down the road is Olewydd Congregational Chapel
which had some really nice headstones in the well kept cemetery

The next church was the Rigdeway in Oxfordshire and an area I will be returning to for the interesting old churches around there. St Andrew Letcombe Regis
was  the first church  I visited a church that dates back to 1086.

Along the road is St Michael Letcombe Bassett a church that looks older but is probably from around the same time and has some nice old features to it and some interesting chest tombs

December saw me back in wales at Erwood Chapel which had a nice cemetery that was well kept and over looked the village

From there I travelled to St Mary Crickadarn which was only a few miles away

Across the road from the church is Crickadarn Chapel which was a nice chapel with a well kept cemetery.

Although I had a few more churches & chapels in Wales to show I decided that I would end the year with a church from my childhood that I attended while as school next door.
St James Catholic church has not changed much since I used to go there apart from loosing a bit of the churhyard to a road improvement and gaining a North aisle. It still brought back memories for me.

That is my 2018 roundup, many churches were the ones you will find marked on my map but as ever I find others I had not noticed then visit them they are an added to the map, no doubt it will happen again in the coming year St James was just one of them. I managed to visit a few of the churches in Wales that I had on my map and there are a few still to visit yet. There are many more around the area I live which I will endeavour to visit this year, most of them are with in 35 Km of where I live. I hope you all have enjoyed the churches |I have visited  and will return to see more in 2019.


  1. A lot of beauties! You were busy!

  2. What incredible architecture! To see it standing and maintained is equally amazing.

  3. I'm very happy you started this blog up, you know I have a thing for old churches :-)

  4. ...Bill, you packed a lot of beautiful churches into 2018. I hope that 2019 is a wonderful year for you. Keep exploring!

  5. Hello Bill!
    Thank you very much for your beautiful wishes.
    I also wish you a Happy New Year!

    I am very happy that I could admire the magnificent English architecture, beautiful old churches and unique cemeteries. A great summary of the entire year 2018.

    Hugs and greetings:)

  6. Wow, you have quite a variety of architecture and your churches are so old!