Church Explorer Map

The map shows the various Churches , Churchyards and Cemetery's I have visited during the making of this blog
The Icons are as follows:-
Red Pin = a church on my list to visit,
Red Church = one I have visited.
Tree on a green background = a Cemetery
Brown castle = a ruined Church or Abbey
 Purple Church = an Abbey
I am in the process of updating the map a little and have now added a couple of layers. One is Oxfordshire best churches  which is to do with the book and are Blue icons
The second Is Churches in the Builth Wells Area which are the Churches Phil Jones had on his website and I managed to complete
I have now updated the map and links hopefully clearing out any of the old links that were corrupt, If you find any corrupted links then leave a message as to which one it is. Most of the churches listed should have a photo and a link. Some do not and some I have not written a blog for. I will be adding another layer for the churches Francis Kilvert visited. I'm still working on the overall map of churches I have been to.
Thank you


  1. I would first like to tell you how much I admire the work you have done on this blog. Now I wish to apoligize for using your photos without your permission. I could not find your e main address.
    Now about me: I am a retired history teacher in Jacksonville, Florida USA. I do not have a blog but I have a Facebook group in which members may submit their posts. I also submit my posts as "Historic Sites". My group does not allow advertisements nor does it solicit donations or even "buy me a cup of coffee, nor does it conduct on-line tours and accept tips or fees. This is purely to explore through the cybersphere for fun and to share with my members. I can no longer travel due to my spinal condition and age of 82 but I do find interesting places and share them with my members and members of other groups as well. So I would like to ask your permission to use some of your photos from "The Church Explorer" and thank you in advance. Yours, Charles Keisling

    1. I think you contacted me before over this and I do not have a problem. I don't publish my email on here but occasionally will put a contact link up. You could always subscribe to the blog that way you get you to date posts

  2. Thank you so much. Where are you headed in the future? Do you cover churches in the cities?

  3. I presume your the same guy who pointed out the bad links, thank you. I did send you an email though I could not be sure if you got it or it went into your spam. It is unlikely I will venture into citys, I am not keen on going to London but if I happen to be in a different city near a church then there is a good chance I will visit it. One City I do intend to visit is Oxford as it is only a few miles away and there are a few churhes and a cathedral I want to see. At the moment I hav enot had a chance to visit any churches but intend to soon


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