Saturday 30 July 2022

St Mary & St Nicholas Littlemore Pt2

Hopefully back on track with my post, St Mary & St Nicolas Littlemore I first visited back in  May and managed to revisit the church over six weeks ago as you might have noticed I have just finished posting some churches I re-visited towards the end of 2021 and forgot about they should have been posted the beginning of this year but must have slipped my mind after writing my reviews. This week I show you the inside of the church, the photos were taken with my iphone so some may be  slightly grainy because of the zoom

A reminder of how St Mary & St Nicholas church looking from the roadside

As soon as I walked in the gate the doors were open and the church looked welcoming, though the decorations were for a wedding

Inside the church looked just as friendly

Going down to the chancel you cannot help look up at the rood on the rood screen

The altar table and magnificent east window

The altar table with the old altar panel in the background window

You can see the old altar through the new altar table

Looking back down the nave with a few of the parishioners at the back. I might add they were a very pleasant bunch to chat with as I did after I finished taking photos

The organ loft

with the organ one side note the church mouse choir

In the chancel a niche with a apart stained glass window, the vestry is the other side

Over to the other side of the chancel there  is a Sepilia & Piscina

Where you find the original battlefield cross of Capt F Hamilton Ralls

Roll of honour for the First World War

The smaller Second World War Roll

Part of the altar panel in the chancel with small cross

A larger one on the other side

The beautiful east window

selection of the single stained glass windows

and the beautiful painted ones depicting saints

Very modern church brass

Memorial to Jemima Newman who laid the first stone of the church but died before the church was finished

The font with the raised cover

Wood carving of the Madonna and Child

The font

The pulpit which on this occasion I did not take a photo from

Really beautiful floral display on the entrance of the church

This display shows how the  church was restored

Knitted Bishop

19th century shoe found in the restoration

You can read how it was found on a sheet below

With my phone on the floor, I stood back and used my watch to take it

These are just out of the last shot

I asked the churchwarden if I could go up in the organ loft and he was very obliging and let me go up The organ is there as you turn left from the stares

there is also a harp which is something I have not come across

The stained glass window at the west end, not easy to see from floor level

The plaque commemorates all the people involved in the work on building the church in 1856

Looking down from the organ loft to the nave and chancel

The rood

I will take my leave with this photo of a cross with the east window in the background

Till next time have a wonderful weekend

Saturday 23 July 2022

St Giles Horsepath Pt2


Hopefully this is the last of the churches I forgot to post either the end of last year or the beginning of this one. For some reason I thought I posted it as I remembered visiting and taking photos. St Giles was another church which looked like it could tell tales of the past. If you would like to read the history then click on the link, there is quite a lot of it. As there is quite a bit to see  in this blog I would suggest a coffee and enjoy

 St Giles from the carpark beside the church

The churchwarden had let me in and I went to the back to look down the nave

Then onto the chancel arch

and the chancel itself

Changing to my iphone for another similar shot

Chancel arch

Chancel and choir stalls

The altar with a beautiful screen behind

Looking back out the chancel with a candelabra in the way

Which I have to admit was stunning in itself

The pulpit which is carved wood Late Jacobean 

The carving was beautiful

Standing in the pulpit you see the nave and south asile

You can also see the chancel

and South transept

The altar and covering stand out

The organ fills the north transept

An eagle lectern along with the church banner

It stands in the chancel with the page open

In the aisle an old tomb can be seen the brass that once was there long gone

Noyes family memorials 

these two the inscriptions faded away

This one to James Salisbury is in beautiful condition

the inscription on the bottom I felt was moving

 The east window

The other windows in the church as stunning to look at

There seems to be a mixture of glass from different times

This one shows Horspath's history and link to the present with the car factory only a few miles away

The lancet windows

small figure of St Giles

A jug not far away

15th century carving of a man showing amazement

another of one playing bagpipes 

The roll of honour stands out, the family names familiar to me

the font which looks as though it is from the middle ages or older

The back of the church

where if you look you will see this old disused turret clock

looking down the south aisle to the transept 

painting on show near the door

beautiful floral display

a prayer tree

Which is where I will take my leave of you this week
Till next time have a wonderful weekend