Saturday 2 July 2022

All Saints Goosey Pt2


Before I start my epic tour of the 7 Churches I visited near Swindon a week ago I am returning to some churches I forgot to post in 2021. The first one is a beautiful little church I visited back in 2020 which is not far from Faringdon. I can only think the reason I forgot to post them is because they were taken near the end of  November and I stop writing my blogs a few weeks later for a Christmas break, then as I do my review in January I forgot about them.

Some history of Wikipedia if you did not see the first post on the church :-  " The Church of England parish church of All Saints' has an Early English nave that was built in the 13th century. The present chancel is a late 16th-century Tudor addition. The church has a king post roof. The vestry on the north side of the church and the bell-turret on the nave gable were added in the 19th century. All Saints' is a chapelry of the parish of St Denys, Stanford in the Vale. All Saints' building is Grade II* listed"

This is the church how I saw in in 2020 with the  door locked. After visiting a nearby church in 2021 I sopped off here and this time was delighted to find the door opened.

These were all taken using my iphone  and this is the church how it looked when I walked in 

Going to the back and a view from behind the font

The altar covering showing a couple of monks and geese I could not tell you the reason for it

Looking towards the rear of the church

The pulpit

which shows the church

Choir stalls

The rather nice east window

And the only other window with stained glass in the church

The bible on the pulpit

Some of the other features in the church

The font

Along the south wall you can see these straw crosses, some of the better ones I seen

The roll of honour for the church

It is only a small village so back then the lost would have been devastating for it

Noticed a couple of old tombs in the church

Collage showing some of the roof work  in the church

and the faces on the corbels around the church

A few churches have these on the walls

I will leave you with this view down the church pews with kneelers on display
Till Next time have a peaceful weekend


  1. It's an attractive small church from the outside. I like the outer white walls. I'm glad you could go in and take a look in 2021 as there was so much to see inside with the roof beams, the holders with the candles, the kneelers and altar cloth, the memorials and roll of deceased villagers. It must be very atmospheric to be there especially during a service. Thank you Bill for the post. I wish you a good Sunday and a peaceful week.

    1. I loved the visit and it was one of those churches you felt at peace in

  2. What a lovely old church.

  3. Hi Bill, Thanks for sharing your visit to All Saints Goosey. You do a great job photographing these churches. Thanks for your comment on my blog today. Yes, I did get the Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 with 60x Zoom. It is an amazing optical zoom camera, better, I think, than my Canon. I am using it for long shots from home … example, ships way out there in Puget Sound. However, I’m not taking it on my walks yet as it is just a touch too big to get into a pocket. Still using the Canon on the walks. All in all I’m really happy with the LUMIX and it will be my go-to camera when zoom is the priority. Thanks again for your help on that. Have a good weekend and week ahead. John

    1. Sounds good John, glad you sorted something out

  4. I enjoyed the arts and crafts in the church.

  5. What a lovely old church. Apparently the alter cloth shows the reason for the church being there, as this was originally a chapel for the monks of Abingdon Abbey, who tended the geese here. What a lovely story and it captures that time in history so well.

    1. I did think that may be the reason for it, I should have looked into it more and check if it was in any of my books

  6. That is a super old church and it looks full of light and interesting features. So pleased it was open on this visit. The monk and geese on the altar cloth and kneelers are fascinating and I've just spotted an explanation for them above :) A wonderful story.

  7. The beams there remind me of the "skeleton" of a ship.
    Thanks for sharing this delightful old church at

  8. Something about those beams stands out to me.

  9. Wow, that church looks like a little house - it's quite cute! Thanks for linking up and for sharing with #MySundaySnapshot.

  10. Looks like a lovely Church that would have a warm and intimate atmosphere with its size.


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