Saturday 26 July 2014

St Nicholas Britwell Salome

Britwell Salome is a village in South Oxfordshire not far from Benson and on the way to Watlington. The St Nicholas Church dates back to the 13th century and was restored in 1867 and now belongs to the Benefice of Icknield. I visited the place on a cold December Morning

Next door is the old rectory which makes me wonder how well of a country parson would have been at the time to have a place like this

First view as you walk through the gate

Entrance porch

Towards the back is the the entrance to the chancel
Going round the north side a small vestry can be seen

The west end with the two bells in the small tower

Looking round is part of the small churchyard

from which you can see some wonderful views
I noticed the date on this headstone of Private W.G.Robinson on the anniversary of his death, I felt It had to be remembered that day

Looking across the west end churchyard

Inside you can see a very simple church as you look down the nave

The Chancel arch seems huge
The Chancels with the Choir stalls
Stained glass chancel window


with a dedication on the base

At the back is the church organ and some of the floor tiles you can see in the church

The Slopes family memorial, he was the rector of the parish in the 1700's

Stone font with wooden font cover and the wood and stone pulpit

As ever the local WI has provided the kneeler covering

Two of the stained glass memorial windows in the church

At the base of one is a dedication to a former Rector of the parish

Another memorial window to a rector from the church, the dedication is
the right

The newton Family Memorial  with a smaller one below to another parishoner

The dedication on the base of another stained glass window, I liked the verse at the end 

I will leave you with this final view of the church and wish you a good Sunday.

Saturday 19 July 2014

St Matthew, Midgham

This church's spire dominates the area and I first spotted it while walking along the River Kennet. I was on the cards for a visit.

On going through  the gate you get this view of the church with the path splitting in two

The cross you see is the village war memorial

After taking the right hand path you go round the south side of the church

Walking back round to the north side show the church to be well balanced out in respect of how it is laid out

The steeple is very impressive looking up

Below are a set of family graves

Below the east end window you can see this single cross

The far corner of the churchyard

On going inside the church is quite big and on this occasion some of the church volunteer ladies were making floral displays for the Sunday service

One thing I liked was the arches on either side of the nave with the chancel arch at the end

Looking through the arch to the chancel

The chancle window

Looing the other way towards the end of the nave

The font with it's font cover. I've seen a few large ones like this but none to beat Ewelm church. The organ looks to have been built for where it was placed

This stained gall window is a memorial window and it's not the first time I have come across one like it. The other is in a church with the same window only slightly different colors. When I mentioned this to some one they said they were mass produced. Some thing new to me

Decoration on the chancel arch and remember I said about the ladies making floral displays, this is one of them

Another of the stained glass windows

A church brass and more headstop decorations

Hope you have enjoyed my tour. Have a great Sunday
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