Saturday, 16 September 2017

Churches of Dundee.

These were taken when I visited Dundee in 2010, I did not get the chance to look inside the churches which looking back I fell was something I lost out on

I thought this was one church but looking on Google Maps you can see two. the part on the left is the Steeple Church and on the Right St Marys

This part of the church is St Marys 

The Steeple Church which is the other end of St Mary's

This is St Pauls Cathedral

Walked past this place which was a former church now converted into a night club
I feel I missed out not seeing in any of the churches but I hope sometime to return and be able to visit the churches.
Have a good Weekend

Saturday, 9 September 2017

St Nicholas Rotherfield Greys

Not much I can find on this church other than it is Norman but was restored in 1865. It contains the 16th-century Knollys Chapel, which houses an ornate tomb of the Knollys family. This includes effigies of Sir Francis Knollys and his wife, who was lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth I.
The entrance to the church & churchyard through the Lychgate

Above viewing the church from the North East end.

Left the Kollys chapel which stands out on the North side
The West end of the church

Stitch photo from the West end

Left looking towards the porch.

Right the West  window

The new extension on the South side of the church

Above the bellcote

Left the South side of the church

Above looking from the East and left the East window and Knolls chapel

The churchyard by the West end of the church

More of the West end churchyard

There are quite a few family tombs here on the West end of the church

Along with the war grave of G.E. Makins MC.

Left one of the many crosses you can see around the churchyard

Some of the family tombs you can see

Looking west in the churchyard
Crosses marking the graves of a family

Roger Fulford-Dobson who was a Master Mariner

Above Sergeant A.A.G.Atkins of the Royal Airforce.

Right the East end of the churchyard

Looking west along the churchyard
Above the churchyard and church

Above as cast grave marker still in good condition.

Right some of the older headstones

On the east end you can also see a few large chest tombs

They must belong to wealth family's

Group of differing headstones

Couple of tombs near the church

The far tome is on a large plot making quite a family vault

Another old chest tomb on the North side
Stone in Memory of Brigadier Geoffrey Gamble and his wife Diana Holland Gamble

Coming into the church you find a long nave leading to a chancel

Left the chancel arch

Right the altar and chancel window

Unusual feature is the light up cross on the back of the altar

Turn around and you get a good view of the lit up church organ which was added after the memorials on either side were put up and also hides a stained glass window

Above the pulpit and left a view down the nave from it

Along the nave are a lot of very nice stained glass windows

They all seem to depict scenes from the bible

and are very beautiful

Most seem to be in memory of of a prominent local

This barred window looks out to a tomb in the churchyard.

Right a risen Christ is another memorial window

This one looks very pre-Raphaelite 

At the back is a First World War Grave marker of

Nearby one of the poppies from the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

The two partly hidden memorial at the back of the church

Memorial to Colonel Howell Davis

One to Hubert Blake Hodson

This one is to rev Sir Frances Jarvis Stapleton Bart from greys Court along the road

Left a couple to members of the Ovey family

Right one to members of the Grote Family

This magnificent church brass is before the altar and I failed to find out who it was

Above the Church font, which is a square tubed one

Above the two chandeliers you can see in the chancel

Beside which you can see the Knolls Chapel

It is quite magnificent

On the side you see are seven daughters, I do know there are some sons on the other side

On the tomb you can see the Effigies of the parents and note beside the Lady is a Baby who died

The whole tomb is very impressive and from the look topped by the couple praying

Either side of the chapel are window with from the look Elizabethan stained glass 

I will leave you this week with a view of the couple in repose. 
I really liked seeing the chapel but as it was locked could not go inside but I do intend to go back and visit again and get permission to go inside.
Have a good weekend