Saturday, 18 November 2017

Parish Church of St John Divine

 I had noticed The Parish Church of St John Divine Cwmbach Llechrhyd along what was the old A470  from Builth Wells many years ago when we passed by it on the way to the Elan Valley. Then a new road was built straightening out the old section between Builth Wells and  Newbridge on Wye thus isolating the small hamlet of Cwmbach Llechrhyd and its church. The only time I saw it was when we passed by along the new road above it and looked down on the spire. I finally got around to visiting the church while on my was to Landrindod Wells.There is not  much history I can find on the church other than it is Victorian and built in the 19th century. The church is in the Upper Wye Group of Churches

Your first view of the church from the road

The path leading to the church

The churchyard to the right which is still very much in use

The same can be said looking over to the right

This around the North West side of the church
The South side with the porch

Back around to the West end
Where you can see this inscription along the wall 

The North East end of the church

The East end with a view of the spire that had a ring of bells in it

I did try open the door leading to the church but it was firmly locked. The porch did have these stained glass windows in it

Which looked impressive and made me think what the rest of the church would have looked like inside

Up on the West end is a mixture of old and new graves

The headstones here are all in reasonable condition but then they only date from the 1800's

Looking back down the south side of the Church
The East end churchyard with all the newer burials 
The next church to visit in the area is Newbridge on Wye which is a similar looking church which I hopefully I will get access to 
Have a Peacefull Weekend

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Still On Patrol

As today is Remembrance Day here in the UK I thought I would show this memorial to the submariners who were lost during World War Two   
The Dundee International Submarine Memorial is sited between Victoria and Camperdown docks in Dundee Harbour. I came across it while walking around the docks. The Submarines listed as still on Patrol were stationed at Dundee and lists the Six British, Dutch, Norwegian and Russian submarines were lost.

The memorial above is to a commando unit who were killed during Operation Musketoon 
HMS Thames lost after attacking the Battle Cruiser Gneisenau all 62 personnel we lost, O22 lost while on patrol off Norway, all crew were lost.

Uredd sunk by a German mine all crew were lost, the wreck was found in 1985 and is now a war grave. B-1 sunk in error by the RAF off the coast of Norway while being shipped to Russia all crew lost
HMS Oxley sunk in error by HMS Triton all crew lost, O 13 lost in a German Minefield while on patrol off Norway all crew lost
The outline of all the Submarines that we lost 

The opening inscription 

Two of the memorials with one of the warehouses in the background

 The memorial from the dockside

And a last view of the Submarine Memorial 
We Will Remember Them

Saturday, 4 November 2017

St Peter Drayton Pt 2

Following on from last weeks tour of the outside of St Peter  Drayton it's time to go inside. 

The porch has some words on either side reminding you were you are going

The main aisle looking to the Chancel

Above in the chancel and a view of the back screen to the altar with the chancel window above

The altar & screen

Couple of views looking out of the chance to the nave

The pulpit  which looks like it could be around the 1700's

Above looking out of the pulpit to the nave with the North aisle on the right. Left the chapel over on the South side

Above looking down the North aisle to the Organ
Right a couple of memorials

These memorials are on the South wall of the chapel
Above a memorial to John C Hobson

Not sure what the door hides but it's pretty old. Right an alcove in the South wall of the chapel

Above Memorial to James Mundy

The Mothers Union banner in the chancel

Above Memorial to John Tyrrell
Right memorial to Thomas Dewe

Memorials to William Caudwell and Joseph Norrinton

Memorial to Francis Bryan Noel Bolton

Left a couple more memorials to the Tyrell family and one to the Dewe family right

The village Roll of Honour to both wars

Above the fallen from World War I

Memorial to the fallen in the Second World War and one from the Korean war

Some of the memorials have faded even the Dewe one suffers in places

Above a couple of bequests always worth reading

Couple of more memorials

A banner behind a Pentecost  candle

One of the stained glass windows in the church

Another rather nice window

On the right the stained glass window you see at the back in the Bell Tower

The carving above was made in memory of Canon
 Dr Susan Coal-King

Left door leading to the stairs to the bell loft, right the church organ

The tub shaped font with screen behind

The main aisle has many vaults and memorials though most had had the lettering worn away

Memorial to Frederick George Robinson who was buried at sea

Vestry at the back and a offerings box chained to one of the pillars on the aisle

Right a painting by
 Elizabeth Deacon showing the nave of the church, it also shows a rood loft

I'll leave you with this photos of a row of Children's of toys which were at the back of the church.
Before I go I forgot to mention back in September this blog was 5 years old
Till next time have a Peaceful Weekend