Saturday, 19 January 2019

St. Dubricus Gwenddwr

This was the second of the churches I managed to visit that were in the hills outside Erwood, this marked another of the churches outstanding on my map. The church looks to date back to 6th century but I can find little history on the church other than on the Benefice website so I'll let you click on the link to find out more.

After walking up a track that passed a house you come out on this path leading though the churchyard.

It passes the South side of the church

Towards the short tower on the West end that is quite a common type around here

The North side with the small windows

Here we look along the North side towards the tower

The East end across the churchyard

The church is single cell so the nave and chancel blend together

The altar is tidy with fresh flowers

The altar cross has a plaque saying is was presented for the safe return of four service men that served in the Great war
Turning around you get this great view down the church

There are two organs in the church though I could not say which is used in the services

Above the pulpit and lectern and the view down the church from it

The church bible open on one of the pages

Above the one Stained Glass window showing St Dubricius

The kneelers around the church show various scenes like this collie uses on the local farms

One showing the church

and a leaf

The windowsills are decorated with vases of flowers
Even the font had a display on it

Outside in the churchyard you can see many tombs over by the boundary

Looking back along the churchyard more of headstones can be seen

The odd one being covered in ivy

The North side has many more

Above one Commonwealth war grave to Gunner J.J.Smith

Left the East end of the churchyard

Some of the North side headstones

Couple of Chest Tombs

A family vault

Above the main monument in the vault which is in very good condition with the nave readable

Right some new headstones with older ones in the background

One of the chest tombs which is in good condition though the writhing is getting a little faded

A small table tomb

Above another chest tomb which is breaking apart

Left a tomb where the inscription is visible

Near the tomb with the faded writing are ore chest tombs of varying height and age
Above a leaning cross marks another grave

After this I went across the road to visit the chapel ,

normally this would warrant it's own blog but I only took three photos there was little to see

The plaque tells you it is Bryn Sion Congregational Chapel erected 1888

The chapel looks like it is still in use though there is very little area around the outside and no cemetery to see but the rest is well maintained 

That is my blog for this week, I will leave you with this view of the font cover with a vase of flowers and ears of corn.
Have a happy & peaceful weekend 

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Another Visit to Hampstead Norreys

After my visit back in to St Mary the Virgin back in 2015 I had the opportunity to stop off for a quick visit and some updated photos of the church & churchyard and rather that post more in the original blog I thought I would write a new one

In the last blog a comment was left explaining that these  chest tombs were being restored, I had thought they were fenced off for safety reasons but they were in a fragile state of repair and at risk of collapsing

Lucky a £60000 Heritage Grant was obtained and they were restored

This amazing pyramid tomb was still rusting away

But the grass was well kept

Even the family vault in the corner was still in good order

The railings around this chest tomb had been restored

Along with the other tombs in the churchyard

They looked splendid now
Mind you the odd tomb was overgrown though I think the growth added to the look

I went inside & was pleased to find all the screening I had seen on my last visit had gone and you could see the nave and chancel clearly

The view of the pulpit was not blocked by tables

The organ still looked good

The Altar was unchanged and looking back down the nave the party garlands had been removed

The usual pulpit view I like taking

A good view of the box pew that is still in the front of the church

The simple altar cross is all that was needed
I will leave you with this view of the floral display on the window sill behind the altar, Till next time I wish you a pleasant & peaceful weekend