Saturday, 17 February 2018

Return to St Katherine Chiselhampton

I had the opportunity to visit some churches over a weekend and one of the first on my list was St Katherine Chiselhampton. Last time I visited I took photos of the church exterior and churchyard this time I went and got the key to the church from the local pub the Coach & Horses. One item of note is that if you intend to visit then ask if you can use their car park & walk to the church as the parking is limited to one car in a very narrow parking area in front of the church beside the road. Take care if you walk the road is busy and there is no pavement.

Another view of this wonderful old church as you walk in

Above the fist view of the church as you walk inside

With prayers and versus from scripture on the East wall

The small altar and cross

Looking back to the balcony

Either side of the altar are memorials to the Peers Family members

In fact most of the memorials are to members of the Peers

Above the pulpit

Couple more memorials which are either side of the altar

The large window near the altar
which has a family crest in

The candelabras with candles in  

A very nice old organ

Some views of the church from the Pulpit

The large window from the Pulpit
 Looking down on the Organ

What I like about the church was all the box pews

Unusual font

Some views looking down from the balcony

Where you see rows of chairs for people to sit

Looking across the church down at the box pews

out of the window at the churchyard
The candelabras

The candelabra in the centre is dated

from around the 1700s

Near the back is the war memorial for the village

Listing the lost from the First World War

and the Second

Have to wonder how much light the candelabras let off in the church and is the coat of arms the Peers family

I will leave you with this picture of one of the floral displays from the window sill and with you all a great week till next time

Saturday, 10 February 2018

All Saints Didcot

The Parish Church of All Saints is situated in the old part of Didcot, the church's nave walls date from 1160 though people have lived in the area for at least 9000 years as a large-scale archaeological dig between 2010 and 2013 produced finds from the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Iron Age and Bronze Ages.

 The church is reached though this Lychgate

Above which you can read the list of the fallen in the First World War

You go through the South churchyard to reach the church

which is unusual in that it has a shingled spire that is on the South side of the church

Going around to the north side

Looking across the North side churchyard to the church. Right the East end of the church

Looking up from the south end of the churchyard near the road

Some of the graves beside the churchyard path
Above the Commonwealth war grave of Private J.S. Clazie

The Headstones of Private W.Harris and Corporal P.Dove

They stand side by side in the South churchyard

One of the tombs in the chuchyard

Above the tombs here on the West end of the church I presume are of the same family as there are four similar tombs, the fourth is over the back. Left headstones which looked to have been uncovered in a clean up

Looking East around the North side

Brothers W.A & V.S Hughes headstone in the family plot

The headstones of H.A.Allen & F.J.Scrase

J.J.Taylor of the Royal Arm Ordnance Corps

The is the churchyard extension near the church

It is quite full now and I'm not sure if they are going to use a pot of land that is nearby the church next door to this plot

A couple of the older headstones in the chuchyard

The skull on the top just recognisable

Looking across to the church hall

Older weather worn memorials on the side of the church

Tow more on the end of the South aisle

the cherub sill recognisable
One of the memorials you can just about read the inscription on

A carving of a flower on the top of one headstone

Above a cast marker with the inscription and paint still there.

Above and left the far South of the churchyard where the graves are subsiding
A wooden marker cross and plastic flowers from Christmas
The top of the church notice board which tells you the church is also the garrison church for the Army base nearby  and the regiment badges

I will leave you with this view of All Saints.
Till next time have Good Week