Saturday 30 May 2015

St Cewydd, Aberedw

St Cweydd dates back to around 1291 when it was first mentioned and may have been built on the site of a pre Christian place of worship. this may be backed by the tree yew trees on the North side which are judged to be 1500 years old.  I have visited St Cewydd before but on that occasion the church was locked so I could not see inside. 

The view you get of St Cewydd as you walk through  the gate

Walking up the path you can't help noticing the Yew trees as you walk under the first one

looking right gives a view along the footpath though the churchyard
The porch as you walk up to the church with it's oak framing

The Porch and entrance to the church

Either side you can see these memorials on the walls

along with the Roll of Honour.
The Cleric's trail is a poster on the noticeboard to the  right is one that I think I might have crossed already at
St David Colva

I am never sure what to expect when going inside a church so was pleasantly surprised when I saw the rood screen

Which reminded me of prison bars for some reason I'm not sure if this is the the late medieval screen I have read about

Going in the chancel we see the altar and choir stalls
Behind the altar you can see four  panels, the center two have the ten commandments on them, the two others the I Believe and the Lords Prayer
 The Altar with the Cast Iron rails open

And the backdrop to the Altar

View of the back of the rood screen and the choir stalls

The church does have some nice stained glass

Sorry if I showed this one three times

Couple of another stained glass window

This memorial To James James  in the one in the left photo above

other memorials are to Joan wife of JA Jones who died in 1793 and the Baskerville family memorial. Wonder if they were related to the Baskervilles at Baskerville Hall in North Wales

 The Women's Union banner and the Memorial to the Greenwood family beside it

Nice array of keelers make by the local Women's Union sat on top of the wood paneling around the church

In the vestry at the back you can see this door with freeze on the walls

This tells you about a hand bell that was rang at Funerals and is now in a mseum

The flute was used at funerals  and donated to the church

Could not say if the organ is still used

The church font which is well decorated

a shot of the pulpit and the candles which would have lit it

took some views of the church ceilings, the nave on the left and on the right is the chancel
last view of the church

Coming out of the church and looking right you see these graves

on the north wall are more memorials which are in good condition and easy to read


There is one war grave to Private W.L Mason near the porch

View of the North side of the churchyard

This beautiful cross is at the East end of the church

and the main churchyard on the South side

The square belltower is quit eimpressive

On the South wall of the church are a couple of old grave slabs

nearby is a tomb and more headstones

 Waling south sees more monuments and a broken tomb chest
James Oliver and his wife are buried here the headstone easy to read over 250 years later

some are laid by the wall

near the stile at the  end of the churchyard is this memorial to Flight Lieutenant Ian Hill who was killed in a plane crash nearby

one of the memorials in the south churchyard

St Cewydd looking on the South side

 One with a cross on top

looking along the west side of the churchyard

the churchyard with St Cewydd in the background
Have a good weekend
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