Saturday, 16 May 2015

St David Colva

You could say this was the Fourth St David as it used to be part of other three St Davids in the area. In fact it is only a few miles from the one in Glascwm which it was once attached to. The Church dates back to the 13th century and the porch to the 15th century.

First view of St David

The church sign & noticeboard  beside the gate to the churchyard
 A grass path leading to the 15th century porch

The porch I bellcote or as it is also know bell turret

Found the porch hard to get a good shot of with all the sunlight
Closer shot of the 15th century frame

Looking at the church from the east side of the churchyard

The north wall

another north side view
View of the west end and bellcote

 This is a view down the aisle of the church

The altar which is flooded with light

closer view using the HDR mode

the altar itself  
 which looks a bit different when you use flash


Looking back along the aisle from the altar

One thing I noticed was the large about of memorials round by the altar . The one on the right is to William Stocking and his son

Like one to James Clee here on the left and James Griffiths to the right

 The memorial to Mary Farr above looks like it should have had some one else's name beside it

A closer view of the inscription on James Griffiths memorial and to a second James Griffits who was most likely his son
 All this memorials look like they were once painted round or replaced older ones

One thing I noticed was the wall paintings 

They were uncovered during the 1980's and you can even make out words on this one

the numbers on this one may indicate a psalm

not sure on this other than the outline of a picture

this looks like it could have been a coat of arms

more words and some color

the clearest is the skull & cross bones the rest of the picture is lost. I wonder what it was or said

 The wooden pulpit is one of the simplest I have come across

though it does have some nice candle holders

The lectern on the other side  of the church has a Leather bound King  James Bible

 still in used and inscribed 1945

nearby in the lancet window is a bust of one of the rectors and a book on his life called Kilverts Diary

one of the windows letting in the light
 Coat of arms at the back of the church

The font at the back of the church is thought to be 12th century

Tad a second go at getting a shot of the altar in normal light

along with the  altar decoration

The ceiling is wood clad 

a nice feature are the old oil lamps on the walls 

Before leaving I had a look though the door in the back of the church , there was a chest there but I had to get a photo of the lath & plaster walls
Though a second door a I spotted this in the dark I think it is a cage that goes over a grave to deter grave robbers, I could be wrong

Daffodils in a cut glass vase
Last look and then outside

The daffodil lined path

and  growing near the headstones

by the broken tombs

at the east end near the new graves

sun shines on the neadstones

brightening up their colors

The carvings on some were of doves

and another a book on a cross

The churchyard was well shaded with yew trees

hiding tombs on one side
 Still love the daffodils though

 Some forgotten graves near the boundary 

Daffodils lining the path
 Along with the odd primrose
Enjoy your weekend


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your tour. It reminded me of a church in Wales.

  2. Wow! So old and so amazing. Love all the details.

  3. I really love this beautiful historic old church! The wooden entryway is amazing! I love the graveyard also. The interior is just so beautiful, with the stuccoed walls. Your photos are wonderful...I enjoyed scrolling down and absorbing each one!

  4. Bill, you never miss a detail and I thank you. Tom The Backroads Traveller