Saturday, 23 May 2015

St Padarn Llanbadarn-y-Garreg

St Padarn is a small church which sits beside the Afon Edw. It was brought to my attention when I visited another church which I have yet to go back to. A lady there was telling me about her church mentioned St Padarn telling me it was a favourite of hers. So the first opportunity I had I came along to visit.

The church dates back to Medieval times though only the font and south doorway are original, the rest most likely 17th century.  The church is now grade II listed
You can read more information on  Britain Express 

Above is the view of the church you see from the road side. As you walk to across the meadow it you get the view on the right

View of the church showing the medieval doorway

going round to the east end of the church

view of the churchyard and church

west end with the bell

closer shot of the bell

View you get from near the door
 Looking down the church
 Stitch of the last two photos

There is the outline of a coat of arms on it  though I did not look at the back to see the writing which is there
 The Evan Evans Memorial

The pulpit and lectern to the left. Never thought to get a photo from the pulpit on this occasion

The altar & altar rails, I swung them open to get this shot
 Some one was very talented to make this though I'm not sure if it is embroidery or lace, impressive though

as ever a very nice floral arrangement 
 This looks back down the church to the font

One of the leaded windows with a floral arrangement in it
 the medieval font

going outside you can see a few headstones on the north side some of them new

over on the west end a few more

the Afon Edw flows on the south side of the churchyard

There you have it a very simple church in the middle of the Welsh countryside and I might add a very peaceful place to pass away a few moments

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. A beautiful church in beautiful surroundings. Have a peaceful Sunday.

  2. WOW, Bill you sure get around! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. What a wonderful little history church in the meadow! I love the bell tower! And the vaulted ceiling inside! All your photos are wonderful and I am so glad you shared this church with us!

  4. Lovely photo essay, Bill. This little church looks really peaceful and serene. I love the lacework. I'm no expert, but it looks like crochet worked with a tatting hook, using a fine thread rather than a yarn. It's an exquisite thing that would have taken someone days of their life to do, making it a very personal act of devotion. All the best, Bonny