Saturday 13 May 2017

Fairmile Cemetery Henley

Going to Henley along the A4130 at the bottom of Bix hill you drive past  Fairmile Cemetery Henley 
 I often wondered what the place held so one day stopped off for a look around. The cemetery was opened in 1868 on the outskirts of Henley in Bix & Assendon Parish and contained a lodge and two chapels one of which was a Non Conformist the other a Church of England a service at 3pm every Sunday on one of the chapels through out the 19th century. Now adays they are not in regular use and fell into disrepair, they are both now grade II listed buildings  

I'm not sure if this was the old road leading to the entrance

which is here. I suspect this was the original main entrance where people came to visit the cemetery

The gateposts are becoming covered in ivy but the gates still hang in place

Walking in the main gate you see the Church of England chapel with its bell tower and short spire 

It's quite a Gothic looking chapel 

This grave I saw nearby stood out and is to Captain James H Blacklock who I can find no information about
"In affectionate remembrance of Captain James M. Blacklock late submarine superintendent of The Electrical and International, the Postal, the Anglo-American and French-Atlantic Telegraph Companies. Born 6th September 1818, died 14th June 1873."

His grave is the tomb you see in the foreground 

Going up the cemetery and looking down at the chapel

Further along you can see the non conformist chapel

Outside the gates on the Henley side which is the entrance used today

The Cemetery keeper Cottage. When the cemetery opened it would have been his job to open and shut the gates plus keep an eye on the place. A few years after I took this photo the building was badly burned but has since been restored

The non conformist chapel  with one of the sweep around drives

The east end of the non conformist chapel were you can see the belcote has been removed due it it being unsafe

A line of graves all the same which made me think they were all of the same family

Some of the crosses in the cemetery

the cemetery is quite easy to walk around with the drives in place

Above the non conformist chapel
with some of the nearby graves. Right looking along the cemetery near the road

Arthur Richard Lloyds and his wife Mary , the memorial below is to their son Cyril who died in the war

View of the old cemtery at Henly

Looking at the Church of England Chapel

One of the few angel memorials you can see in the cemetery

Which stands beside a few different headstones

I had not seen a stone like this before with the two pillars and slab in the middle

Much love couple, I like the verse in the heart. Their grave can be seen in the photo with all the flowers on it. I might add I have never not  seen this grave with out fresh flowers on  it

Never heard of this barron

but there is a coat of arms on the top

and the grave has quite a view down the cemetery

Seat near the top of the cemetery

The woods behind though I did wonder if this was part of the cemetery that was overgrown

I did notice the cemetery had it's fair share of war graves in it
Flight Lieutenant F.A.C. Goodwin 

The Addington family Memorial, the son was Squadron Leader Thomas Waddington who was killed near Gibraltar 

Sargent H.W. Lucker was Flight Engineer on
Lancaster ED439 took off from RAF Wyton at 1010 hours on 18th June 1943 to carry out
a day practice bombing training exercise, but the aircraft did not carry out the detail. It
dived out of cloud and struck a house at High Gate Farm in Swaton, 7 miles south east of
Sleaford, Lincolnshire, UK. All the nine on board the aircraft were killed

Sapper William Lea 
Royal Engineers 3rd May 1915 age 30 
 Lieutenant A.J. Ayling
11th June 1943 age26

He is buried with his wife in a family grave

Private H Sheldrake 
died 1918
died 1940

F Sherval of the Berks Yeomanry

The new cemetery which since I has even more graves in it

I'll leave you with this photo of Joe's grave, I started off this My Grave Place blog with a piece on Joe since then I have been to many more churches & cemetery's and changed the name of the blog.

 Hope you all have a great weekend 

Saturday 6 May 2017

Tretower Churches

I pass through this village on a frequent basis on my way home from weekends in our caravan. One time I stopped off for a few moments to get some photos of a castle there and some of a couple of churches. The Main one St John the Evangelist. Though the site is ancient, the present church was completely re-built in 1876–77 after the earlier structure had fallen into disrepair

Down the far end of the village you can see the Zoar Chaple opened in 1844
The building is now a private residence but the plaque above the door can clearly be seen

 St John the Evangelist as you walk down the road 

Looking through the open porch

Across the road from the church is the church hall

Looking down the road leading to the old Zoar chapel

View of the chancel end of the church
cropped view of St John the Evangelist. Unfortunately  I did not spend a lot of time here being more interested in getting photos of the old castle. Hopefully I will get a chance to stop off again for some photos in the church
Have a great Weekend