Saturday 22 August 2020

St Mary Longworth

Longworth is a village I learned out about when I was working at in Oxford back in the 1970's, I had an apprentice who lived there, I just remember his name was Pete and he had a slight limp and a bump in his head from a motorbike accident, it never put him off riding as I found out when he took me on the back of his Triumph Bonneville. I always wonder what became of him and gave him a thought as I walked in through the gate of Longworth Churchyard
The history on Wikipedia is sparse.
"The oldest parts of the Anglican St Mary's Church, Longworth are from the 13th century, the current chancel, west tower and north aisle from the 15th. It is a Grade I listed building.
The parish belongs to the benefice of Cherbury with Gainfield. J. R. Illingworth, a theologian and philosopher, was Rector of St Mary's from 1883 to 1915."  
To read a more in depth history please visit Britain Express


The church sits across the churchyard from the entrance which is off a corner beside the manor in the village.

The chancel looks to be nearly as big as the rest of the church  as you walk towards it

You will notice the village war memorial which stands out as you walk in

Looking towards the Porch on the South aisle

around the West end by the tower you can see the church has both North and South aisles

Across the West end towards the Manor over to the right

From down the North East end of the church you can see the new building that has been added as the Church office

Back around the East end

Going in the porch you will notice what look like headstones laid on the floor

The door is open and takes you to the South aisle
Heading over to the Nave and looking towards the chancel
Wider view showing the aisles
From a  little further back looking down the nave

Across the chancel arch is a rood screen, from there you go in the nave where seats for those wanting to spend some time in the church are situated
Behind the altar is a painted screen depicting some of the scenes from Christ life with a beautiful stained glass window in the East Wall

An altar cross dominates the altar
Left the painted Reredo

The South window in the chancel plane and unstained. The chairs in the chancel facing the altar. The pieces of paper tell you to turn them over if you sit down on the seat. The Covid 19 does not discriminate even in a church
Another of the stained glass windows in the church

Around the church you find other windows with partial stained glass in them
The window in the West end look plain until you notice a small section  near the top

A small section of glass than looks much older than the rest in the church.
On the window sill what looks like the remnants of the Marten tomb
The three daughters

The effigy of a woman on the other side of the sill is also part of the Marten tomb which was in the tower and thought to have been demolished after the Restoration of the Monarchy

Memorial to John & Annie Weavings sons who sadly died young
Memorial yo William & Ann Bowels in the North aisle

Above left memorials to the Walton Family from the manor. while right a bequest listing the poor people who will benefit.

Right a brass that I dare say came off a floor slab now on the chancel wall

The five sons on one side

and seven daughters the other

A man dressed as monk with hand in prayer is another brass

This one is more modern
This one is dated 1556

 Above the stoup in the South aisle you will see another brass and a grave cross  to Major Fitzwilliam who died 30-8-1918
The bass is in memory of Anthony John Fitzwilliam Hyde who died in Normandy 1944
In the nave you will find the Roll of honour

At the West end of the South aisle you find the font which looks much older than Victorian which you  tend to find in a lot of churches

On the North side of the chancel arch is the pulpit

Above the view from the pulpit with left a similar view from the aisle

Above views looking East and West along the South aisle

here we look over from the entrance aisle to the North aisle

On the arches you find carvings of faces

These two are between the arches
This one and the first on the inside
George III coat of arms

Marker to Morgan Leyson, Right a carved chair with the letters W B carved in the centre

Outside if you go over to the South West corner there is a door to the manor with a memorial plaque on it

Nearby a chest tombs with a tomb slab nearby

Going around the North side of the church you can see an extension to the churchyard where the more recent burials are
Right in the North east corner in the overgrown part is this beautiful Celtic Cross
Round the churchyard you will also see these Commonwealth War graves.
Above Corporal E G Richings

H G Broughton 
 B Broughton

Bombardier R J Hammond

An unusual tomb with a cross mounted on top

Around the East end you find some older headstones

Another of the tomb on the South side and the church

Looking towards the manor and older headstones

Wooden cross with brass marker plate.

The East end and even older headstones

Along the path headstones of people who wanted their headstones noticed from years ago
The War Memorial and by this time the heat was getting to me after the coolness of the church, the temperature was well over 30C that day and was 41.2 on my patio
I will take my leave this week with this floral display and altar in the background.
Till Next time stay Safe