Saturday 25 March 2017

St Peter & St Paul Checkendon Pt 2

Last week I left you with some views of the outside & churchyard of this wonderful church, today I will take you round the inside and show some of the details that set this church aside from many of the others I have visited St peter & St Paul even has it's own Wikipedia page

Back in the entrance porch and the doorway

This tomb is in the floor as you walk to the church door

above the  scoop for holy water

Inside you can see the church has been restored in Victorian times

In the chancel with the choir stalls

At this point my usual format went out the window as I forgot to take a photo of the altar with  the window so mesmerised by the wall paintings I saw in the apse

This shot was taken using my iPhone on panoramic

The picture of Christ above the central; window

Above looking back out of the chancel from near the altar. On the right a view of the nave with the pulpit on the right. I missed getting a photo of that as well

But I did go in the pulpit and get this view of the nave

On the left the church font with its cover. To the right the small church organ

View of the chancel arch looking to the altar

Going to the back were a screen and bell loft have been constructed at some time. with a wall memorial nearby on the right

This beautiful memorial is built in the blocked off north door of the church and carved though unfinished by Eric Kennington who restored a lot of the church

On the left you can make out the inscription at the base of the memorial.
This little fellow on the right is an imp who seems happy to be here

This beautiful memorial is at the front of the nave by the chancel arch

The memorial to to the Moon Brothers, one who fell and the other who survived the 1st World War

Memorial to Col Earnest Jones

This beautiful stained glass window is in the nave North wall above

This memorial to Earnest R Moon which I should have taken another photo of as the light was behind me

memorials you can see above the

Memorials in the Chancel above the choir stalls

This one above is quite stunning showing A Husband & Wife facing each other. Th inscription is ver hard to read an at the moment I cannot tell you who it is but I did get a date of 1629 off the base. I may drop back in an get a photo of the inscription with my phone

Below what looks like their three girls, one is missing and a fourth possibly in bed sick

Memorial of Capt Thomas Fraser

The memorial at the bottom of the two above is that of Isaac George Manley (1755–1837 who was midshipman With Captain Cook on the first voyage of the Endeavour in 1768-71

On the left is the memorial to Rev Samuel Hamersley why is buried nearby in the church. The one on the right is to Rev John Coulson who is also buried nearby

This is another wonderful old memorial dated 1673

What I loved was the detail shown in it. The inscription is in Latin which I cannot read but dates again to 1671

The small cherubs looking out

Another with family  crest of Temple Stanley and his wife Grace

The angle on the base of the memorial

There was also some wonderful old church brass still in the floor

The right hand coat of arms is missing of this tile

This one of a lady is quite beautiful

above the inscription at the lady's feet

The one above is on the south side of the altar while the left hand ones were shown previous and are on the north side

A grated area, is it a baptismal ? on the right photo showing the roof of the church. Eric Kennington inspire the local people to carve the bosses in the roof.

One of the carved bosses

I noticed the date caved in thr roof beam

The church does have  lot of wonderful kneelers

all decorated on a similar theme

The font and cover

Which is lit by this wonderful modern stained glass window that represent sthe woods & countryside around

I went back for this memorial as it is to a Richard Blackall from Wallingford

Why did I want a photo? well there is a Blackhalls Farm in Cholsey which dates back to his time

The window above is deadicated to Eric Kennington who love the church

The eched glsss tooks beautiful and is very hard to get a good photo of

 It shows the deadication of the man who is buried nearby in the churchyard

Have a wonderful weekend