Saturday 4 March 2017

St Nicholas Fyfield

This was another church I took some quick shots of while o my Pillbox walk, we had parked near the church while we walked off to see what we had come to see in the village. The church was open but very dark so I left the photos for another time.
History as usual from Wiki.
"The Church of England parish church of St. Nicolas was originally a late 12th or early 13th century Norman building. It has a canonical sundial on the south wall. In the 14th century it was largely rebuilt with the addition of a north aisle and a south transept.The north arcade was rebuilt in the 15th century and the south porch was added in the 19th century, possibly designed by J.C. Buckler and built in 1867–68.
In 1893 a fire badly damaged the church and it was extensively restored thereafter. The octagonal upper stages of the bell tower were added in the restoration"

The church is unusual in that the bell tower looks stubby and as though they forgot to finish it off

Above a stitch of two photos produced this image

the doors on the belltower though I wonder about the one half way up the wall

View of the belltower which grows on you

A last look at the church which I really must revisit soon

Not far away on the outskirts of the village is this Chapel we passed going to visit more pillboxes along a nearby footpath

The Fyfield Evangelical Chapel

A very typical chapel and one I will leave you with this week 

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Hope that door doesn't open easily. That would be one killer first step.
    The tower looks like it can be on a castle.

  2. Bill, it's interesting how churches changed through the years.

  3. Gosh even after the restoration of St. Nicolas after the fire in 1893 it's still older than most of our oldest buildings Bill 😊 I rather liked the bell tower at first glance, even with the trick door 😊

  4. I really like the looks of that church. The gravestones in the foreground complement the stones in the building.

  5. There are so many churches in your country and in the world, so it's always a delight to find each one's unique and surprising little treasures.

  6. You find the greatest churches to share! I adore the older styles and both of these are nicely photographed.

  7. It's true, it seems that the bell tower is missing a few meters in height. It is, however, a beautiful church. And the little chapel is nice too.
    Good post.


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