Saturday 25 August 2018

St Mary Chalgrove Pt 2

As promised from last week my photos from inside St Mary Chalgrove I must admit I thought of showing the photo below as a teaser buy forgot I had it on my phone. This is the entrance porch with wrought iron work on it which is also glazed, though this you see the church door, if you look to the top right you can see part of a painting. The walls of the porch have more paintings on as well but I could not get a good shot of them due to the light. This door is only used on (I presume) services that are held at the church, any other time you get a key and enter through the North door. For an excellent history on the church and more on the wall paintings you see I urge you to visit Britain Express 

The main entrance and door to the church

View down the main aisle to the chancel

The Chancel arch and chancel itself
You can see the wall paintings I had come to see

Looking back to the west end

Above the altar and looking the other way to the choir stalls

Over one side is a squint

and the chancel floor a couple of church brasses

14th century sedilia and piscina

There are a few memorials in the chancel that were placed there before the wall paintings were uncovered

This one looks a little grotesque on the Francis Markham memorial

This one seems to be dated 1623
and it to Benedict Winchcombe 

Robert Quatremain memorial dated 1697

Couple of Bequests that you can find on the wall

The Ten Commandments

The Lords Prayer and I Believe

Tomb in the cancel where the brasses have come off

Left a view through the arch to the British Legion flags.
Right the pulpit which dates to 1660

From which you get this view of the church
The church font and Pentecostal candle 
Top of the font

Looking down the North & South Aisles

Above the door you come through in the North aisle

Left the church chest stood on a hand bier  which no doubt is as old at the chest

which if you look on the top is dated 1674 with the initials of the people who had the keys to it

Looking over from the North aisle to the chancel arch, if you look just above the small arch you can see a 14th century cresset

The altar in the North aisle and a little niche with icons in it

Memorial to Reverend Robert French Laurence

The lectern and a window out from the chancel

Above a rather nice floral display near the altar.
Left the Nave looking to the back

Another view of the pulpit with the steps leading to it
Looking across the font to the nave

The main item I came to see was the wall paintings which decorate the chancel

Starting at North wall by the chancel arch

Going around to the central part

and onto the West end

Going round to the South side

The central part on the South wall
and back to the chancel arch

Panoramic with the phone showing the chancel

With that I'll leave you with this view of the floral decoration by the altar
For more about the church visit  St Mary Chalgrove
Till next time have a great Bank Holiday Weekend