Saturday 11 August 2018

St Mary Chieveley

There seems to be very little history I can find on this church and what I did came from Royal Berkshire History. 
"The Church dates back to the 13th century. It has one of only three remaining Veil Screens in England. It was used for the hanging of a veil to screen off the altar during lent but the practice was forbidden in the reformation"
The photos this week are all external because at the time of my visit the church was locked, I will try and return as it sounds like there are some interesting things to see inside

The Lychgate is the first thing you see

before going along the path to the church where if you walk across the churchyard a bit you can see the South side

Above the bell tower and left the North aisle and newere church rooms that have been added

Down to the East end
View across the churchyard to the South side of the church

The porch with doors that were firmly locked at  the time of my visit

Along the South side a few of the graves you can see there

over the path you can see more of the churchyard

Looking around it you cannot help noticing the number of older headstones

and it seems to extend quite a way

the one memorial I came across on the church wall

I have to admit the churchyard was vast for the size of the village

but was well kept

with quite a few trees around as well

Right at the far South side is a new part where the present burials take place

A couple of unusual looking crosses for ths part of the country


There were two Commonwealth war graves I could find in the churchyard, one looked as though it had been forgotten about

Like the cross above near the boundary

Right the memorial garden

Looking West to East across the churchyard

Some of the older headstones, some the wording has gone others sink in the ground
 I will leave you with this view of the war memorial which is fittingly outside the church
and with luck should return to  take some photos around the inside
Till Next time I wish you a wonderful weekend 


  1. It is always disappointing when the doors are locked. There are some interesting stones, especially the Mucklejohn one.
    (I did a search on the name, it came up with an interesting bit of their family story.)

  2. hey there Bill, hope you are well. glad to be with you church sharing friends again, i enjoy the wife and husband tombstone, that is different ...usually i see them side by side ... this is a different design. have a great day. take care. ( :

  3. Awesome, can't believe it's that old.

  4. ...I like the Renee and John Mucklejohn stone, I rarely see this style here.

  5. That's an impressive tower!

  6. That's another fine church. I still remember the one where my grandparents lived, many years ago, in Edingthorpe.

  7. A very distinctive looking church, and lovely grounds.

  8. The age of your beautiful churches never ceases to amaze me Bill! Fantastic details of St Mary's exterior and graveyard.. shame it was closed, I see from last post you were much luckier with St Barnabas, always so nice to see the interiors of these ancient churches ✨

  9. The shape of the church looks interesting and unusual from the outside. I hope you get in. Is there a notice in the porch about the key? The church's phone number is (01635) 247566

  10. This is Chalgrove Oxon, right? I do not know it but have heard of it.


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