Saturday 26 August 2023

All Saints Headington


This week we are back in England before I finish my current Welsh churches. This one I found out about the church on another website but never thought about visiting until I had an hour or so to wait around when I was nearby. I checked out the map to find the Headington Shark and found the church was nearby so I got two birds with one stone. The only bit of History about All Saints Church I could find was on the churches website so If you would like to read it then click on the link above 

You could miss seeing the church walking along the road

The front is hard to miss

The war memorial is off to one side

Walk to the end of the road and you get a better view

But not of the east end, the road on my left takes you to the Headington Shark. While I took this photo I thought I heard Organ music

On my way back I heard the organ again and on checking the door found it open. I asked if the minded me taking some photos and was told carry on. So I did

I thought it an impressive looking church

The North aisle

The chancel looked huge

The altar and east window

Looking back from the chancel arch

The pulpit which I'm glad to say was wood

It gave a wonderful view of the whole church

The organ was tucked way in it's own alcove

Chequered barrel ceiling

Looking over to the south aisle and where they were playing the organ

Looking to the west end entrance

The stained glass window above it

The rest of the church had some nice stained glass as well

In single lancet windows all around

They were beautiful

Some of the nicest Victorian glass I had seen

The font

The roll of honour

The end of the south aisle is a chapel

Which is used for small gatherings

The altar with east window

  1. The altar was quite simple to look at

The stained glass window I thought was beautiful.

Till next time I wish you all a wonderful weekend

Saturday 19 August 2023

St. Cammarch Llangammarch Wells


 There is little history about the Village let alone the St Cammarch Church which was built in 1915 and dominates the village which is the smallest of Four Spa Villages in the area. There used to be a church prior to the one you see and there are a couple of notable people who came from the village

South side view of the church from over the churchyard

 This is the view you get of the church from the roadside

At the entrance the church sign

South west view, the top of the tower is covered maybe to stop the elements getting in or masonry falling

This collage shows the views of the church as you walk along the curving path to the church

North west side

And a view from the south east

West end showing the tower

Porch and tower

I should have taken more notice of the views because they are some of the best from a churchyard I know. The building on the right was the old school

Looking back west

Some misplaced headstones by the church

Collage showing the churchyard which is quite crowded

two differing crosses

Chest tomb

Fenced off family tomb

Looking along the north side churchyard, not a great deal there
The monuments look quite magnificent

 Headstones and monuments

The porch going in

Above the porch is a  stone which does tell you there was a former older church here

Inside looking down the nave
That morphs into the chancel 

 The altar and beautiful carved oak reredos 

The altar and beautifully embroidered altar cloth

The carved oak reredos and banners

Looking back to the west end screen

Looking back from the altar

The east window is rather magnificent to look at

 The organ in it's own alcove

 stone pulpit

 from here you look down on the nave

The safe return from war roll

The roll of honour for those who did not return. One I noted was from the Korean war, I do not come across them very offten

This memorial is to those who lost there lived on training exercises locally a sad fact of war

Some of the older memorials
This one to John Penri is very new replacing an old weathered one outside

This information nearby explains all about it though I can only hope some one replaces the statue that once stood outside.

Thomas Howell is another of note who came from the village

Display board in the church

Foundation stone

And this is a list of names of those who contributed to the church

Altar at the back of the church

Screen separating the kitchen area from the rest of the church, I did look but forgot to get a photo

Piano and lectern

The font typical of the time and made from the same stone used in the church, nearby I presume an older font

I will leave you with this picture I notice of the old church, I think it had more going for it that the new one.
Till next time have a wonderful weekend