Saturday 24 June 2017

St Bartholomew Brightwell Baldwin Pt 2

Last week I showed you the outside of St Bartholomew and hinted at the age of the church. The first place I went was into the church and the view below is the first I had. I did not take it all in at the time and the photos that follow now are what I took. I might add I came back the next day after an aborted visit to Cluxham church to get some photos with my iPhone.
Hope you enjoy the tour and get a tea or coffee to drink while you read on

Going through the roodscreen you come to the chancel

Above the altar and if you look in the foreground you can see a couple of vaults that are covered by the carpet, unfortunately it would not lift 

Above the chancel window and on the right a look down the church to the organ

This photo of the organ was taken just after the first one. It blocks off the old entrance through the belltower

I like these shaped seats

Looking towards the back of the rood screen

This old organ sits between the choir stalls and shaped seats. On the right a view into the vestry

Not easy to get a photo of this Churchwardens Chest which is 14th century the painting of St George was done between 1360 & 1400 and you can still make out the maiden though the dragon has gone.
It was restored in 1985 with generous grant from the Pilgrim trust

On the right the Pulpit and a prie-dieu or Prayer Desk

Looking down from the pulpit to the South Aisle

and one along the nave

Above a view from the South Aisle to the Pulpit which shows the Sounding Board above

On the right a view down the South aisle to the back and the left a look down the North aisle to the chapel

Above the East end wall of the chapel which is covered with memorial to the Stone Family 

The ornate carving on top

Closer view showing the coat of arms 

One of the alcoves with memorials in. On the right a memorial To Jo Stone who was buried in 1640. Not sure if he was buried in London or Ridgemont Bedfordshire

Another huge memorial to members of the Stone family

Another view showing the memorial which dates to the 1700's

Couple more to members of the Stone family dated in the 1800's

This memorial Shows the stone family has become the Stone Nortons

Above a memorial to Richard Stone dated 1696. The Vault nearby I presume is this one under the window

Nearby is another vault

The brass inscription on top with an alabaster carving below

The second vault has this inscription on top

So from the teaser I showed first the stained glass which is Medieval  and I have to admit some of the best I have seen

Not sure who the saints are but are very impressive 

This needs no explanation and shows the scales of judgement

The second window looking as superb as the first one

Again the detail is amazing

These can be seen on the outside of the chapel and inside

Beside the north aisle this boxed off pew

Memorials you can see in the north aisle

The Brass above is to John the Smith and is dated 1371

 Back in the cancel and you can see the lancet window has been blocked up for the chapel and below is a brass

The Memorial above the shaped seats

And the skull below

Above a closer view of the church brass and a carved coat of arms.
On the left more medieval glass

It was restored in 2015 and refitted in 2016

 Quite stunning considering the age and the date of 1632 on it

In the chancel you can see memorials in the floor which go South to North from the priest door. Right in the North aisle an old vault can be seen.

Above a nice floral display in the boxed off area between the nave & North aisle 

The font and cover to the left with a Barrel Organ which was made by Walker in 1843 and restored by his son in 1963

Going behind the main organ brings you to the bell loft where you can see plaques and photos decorating the place

The bellropes hanging awaiting the ringers

One you you can see across the doorway is this large Donations to the poor plaque

Listing various amounts from wealthy people

and the amounts to be distributed

the last one is William Lowden Stone who is remembered in the family Chapel

View past the font to the North aisle

And I will leave you with a view down the nave of this wonderful old church
Have a peaceful Weekend