Saturday 30 April 2022

St Lawrence South Hinksey


Some of you may have noticed I have been to St Lawrence South Hinksey before during the lockdown we had last year but like with many churches I found it locked. I emailed the churchwarden who was helpful giving be a ladies phone number to contact on the day of my visit. I suggest you click on the link above if you want to read the history and see around the outside.

The daffodils were out along the path when I got there, though this was taken as I was leaving , the guy you see came in as I was going

You cannot help taking photos of daffodils

When I walked inside I looked down the nave and was overjoyed to see a rood loft

From the back the church looked simple and uncluttered

The organ was tucked into the belltower

 The rood loft which is restored

The rood cross

 In the chancel looking at the altar and east window

The altar with is covering behind you can see the church banner

 Looking back out the chancel arch

And from the arch to the nave

Either side you find the lectern and the pulpit

 Behind the pulpit a small door leads to the stares taking you to the rood loft

I did go up and here are a few shots showing what you see. The stares are narrow, steep and you can hit your head on top of the door if you are not careful. The loft is narrow and you can see the nave and chancel through a window

The nave from the pulpit

some of the memorials around the church

A shelf holds the nativity scene with out the figures below one of the old bells

 The old bell under the shelf in the nave

Couple of the floor tombs you can read the inscription on

Probably a Victorian picture of the sermon on the mount

The beautiful stained glass you can see in the church

I will leave you with this shot of the font with the stained glass reflecting on it

Till next time I wish you all a peaceful week

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Saturday 23 April 2022

St Lawrence North Hinksey


 This week the church Explorer revisits St Lawrence  North Hinksey I visited in 2010 I featured it in a blog in 2018. The church itself dates back to the 12century and has some interesting features to it. You can read a better account on Wikipedia

  This scene has not changed it still has the old preaching cross pillar though I can find no information in it 

 Closer shot where you can see clearly a couple of old tomb chests 

Along to the west end an the tower, there is no access around the north side as such

West end and the south side of the church 

From the first visit the chancel window, I could make out the stained glass which made me want to see inside 

Lancet and lower window which I was told was for something I have forgotten

East end 

the porch from the first visit where I found the door locked

Older headstones and chest tomb

The carvings on the headstone still in good condition  

Looking towards the road and more older headstones

Another old headstone with inscription and carvings still in good condition

The sole Commonwealth War Grave of Pioneer W.G.Barston 

Over by the south side of the church by the fence

Under the yew tree the wild area with headstones amongst it

Going up to the west end of the churchyard this headstone with an anchor and chain on it

Over the far west end of the churchyard the headstones are a little more modern

The grave here belonged to a child, I'm assuming the memorial is their parents 

On my recent visit the porch is open

Inside a Norman doorway which may or not be a reproduction, it looks in very good condition considering 

Here we look down the nave to the chancel arch which is a reproduction of the Victorians with added widows either side

Turn around and you see the organ loft, I think the door leading up was locked

Another shot looking down the nave

In the chancel

The altar table and cross

From the chancel arch looking to the organ

The pulpit

And the view of the nave from it 

The blocked north door

With the roll of honour in pride of place

Nearby the roll for the Second World War

The reproduction chancel arch of the Victorians

In the earlier photos of the nave on the left hand side is a door, behind are these stairs that would have lead to a rood loft

The chancel with altar and rails

Some of the beautiful stained glass in the church

The east window is no less beautiful

Memorial which is quite detailed in the carvings

The top with cherubs and skulls

One of the tombs in the chancel

Belonging to Thomas Wells and his family, Thomas died in 1635

This one over to the side is not as old

The roof joists in the chancel which are really old Though I doubt they are Norman

Looking back out of the chancel through the arch

The roof of the nave

The 15th century font

I will leave you with this shot of a grave marker I spotted when I went to Botley Cemetery after for a look around. I thought the inscription on the back quite moving
Till Next till I wish you all a peaceful weekend