Saturday 28 July 2018

St Nicholas Beedon

The church was built about 1220  and  the history on the church was hard to find but I came across this from  The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture
"Beedon was held by the Abbey of Abingdon both before and after the Conquest.  In 1066 it was assessed at 20 hides and Northmann held it from the abbot, and in 1086 it was assessed at 10 hides and Walter de la Riviere held it from the abbot. 1 hide of this land was held by Alwine in 1066 and Ansketil in 1086.  The Domesday Survey records a church, a mill and 100 acres of meadow there too.
Walter de Riviere, or Rivers, and his descendants held the manor from the abbey until the 13thc, and in the early 14thc the Lord was named as Warine de Lisle, who forfeited his lands and his life for treason in 1322.
The church was a chapel of Chievely until the 16thc."
The church is in a nice setting on the edge of the village but was locked but help was at had as I found the key holder and was allowed in so my thanks to the guy who vame around to let me in and tell me some of the history

The church has certainly been renovated during the Victorian era

as it is part flint faces and part rendered on the West and North sides. The North door is also blocked up

The chancel end I might ass show signs of the original windows being replaced with the one you see on the left.

You will have to take my word for it but above the frame you can see the outline curve of the old window, it's even more prominent inside but I forgot to take photos I'm afraid

The chancel end with it's three windows

The priest door in the chancel and the porch leading to the church

Inside looking down the nave with the organ on the left and pulpit to the right. The Chancel arch dates back to 1220

Odd looking photo showing the font and coverings over the curtains at the back
The bell loft and the oak frame supporting the bells in the cote above. As of the coverings well there are Bats in the Belfry so to speak and they make a mess and the coverings stop some of it

The chancel

and the altar
View back along the nave to the back of the church

Very nice floral arrangement on the altar

The Chancel arch that dates back to 1220

if you look you can see the head of a snake one side

and it tail the other

The clerks desk and behind the pulpit

Looking from the pulpit to the nave

One of the memorials in the church and a list of past clergy 

Think this is the only other memorial here

There is some very nice stained glass in the church

these two come from the West wall of the chancel

And this is the central one of Christ on the cross

Think this one has to be my favourite, it is more modern but is beautiful

The font again which is thought to be older that the church

The processional cross you can see on the North wall and the Church Banner

The churchyard is quite large here looking west

and around to the Norths side

Quite a few parts have been left to go back to nature containing the older headstones

A cast cross my the church

Another Westerly view

Above one of the many cast crosses you cans see in the churchyard

around in the North side of the church

Across the road in is the extension

Where you can also see the war Memorial
Above the remains of a wooden cross

The one Commonwealth War Grave in the cemetery

The War memorial

View west in the cemetery

Above a wooden cross that does not look like it will be standing much longer
I had to take a photo of this headstone because of the poem on it

I will leave you with this little treasure I spotted on the church a Scratch Sundial or Mass Dial one of the better ones I have seen
Till next time have a peaceful weekend