Saturday 29 January 2022

All Saints Wytham


The first of my visits  this year was to two churches near Oxford, the first was All Saints Wytham which was a church I have thought about visiting for a while. The church is old which dates back to the 12th century though most of it was rebuilt in the 1800's. History on the church is sparse but if you click on the link above you can read the Berkshire History account of it and though Wytham is now part of Oxfordshire it used to be in the northerly part of Berkshire. This visit too place on a very cold an frosty morning.

 This is the way into All Saints Wytham which at the time of the photo was locked, lucky the noticeboard on the left has the churchwardens name and phone number on it so after a quick phone call the churchwarden came along and kindly opened it for me, don't let the arch fool you it was built in the 19th century

And this is All Saints Church which looks very dark but then the sun is coming up and you are looking at the north side of the church, the sun might creep above the tree in winter. The place must look a lot brighter is the summer months

The east end of the church

North east looking west

Only photo I can get on the south side as the grounds are private

Looking east from the path

Along the west boundary wall towards the tower

Looking towards the east end boundary of the churchyard

Looking back west

The west wall of the churchyard with graves and tombs

back along the path going north

Finally a view of the north side towards the west wall, the entrance arch is to the right

The porch leading to the church

Inside we look down the nave

The chancel arch looking to the altar

The altar with cover

Looking across the chancel from the south 

The altar cross

 Looking to the back of the church and the balcony there
Pulpit with floral display
In the pulpit you look down into the nave
The font is under the balcony at the back of the church

Organ over to the right of  the chancel arch

 The east window is quite beautiful

The stained glass windows are some of the nicest I have seen

The figures in the glass typical Pre Raphaelite

 Lancet window in the chancel

The stained glass in it could be 14th or 15th century
This one I think has 14th century glass in it

The King in the glass may feature Richard II

The stained glass is quite stunning

Another window showing old glass inserts

The top section showing a figure

the bottom a phoenix or eagle

The coat of arms of Queen Elizabeth II

Memorial to Richard Hall

 Benefactors plaque

 Royal British legion flags

 Between is this memorial plaque

 couple of more memorial
The corbels that support the hammer beams all have carved faces on them

every one different

This one shows it's arms as well
Near the altar are a few tombs

 Belonging to local familys

 one has a brass on it
On the north wall of the chancel you can see some older memorials

these two most likely husband & wife ten years apart
All Saints Banner at the back of the church

The hammer beams have coast of arms on them

each coat different

 I wandered around looking at each not know who they belonged to
View of the church looking back showing the hammer beams and braces
As I left the church I walked past this roll of Honour in the porch
I will leave you this week with a shot of the floral display by the east window which had a beautiful perfume to it.
Till next time I wish you all a peaceful weekend.
Take care