Saturday, 2 May 2015

St Michael Llanfihangel-Nant-Melan

This week I am republishing on of my first posts from 2013 as I revised  for some updates as I was passing again. The original photos were taken using my old Canon 350D the latest with a compact
The  church is one I passed may times on my way to Fforest Fields campsite , it is along the A44 at a place called Llanfihangel-Nant-Melan. I meant to stop off for a look but never seem to get around to it till one day I stopped on my way home. There is very little I can tell you about  the church other than it William de Breos and was given in the later 12thC to the Knights Hospitallers. Not far away is a Motte & Bailey associated with visit in 1188 of the Archbishop of Canterbury & Gerald of Wales. You can read a bit more about the church on the CPAT website

This photo was taken from the carpark and looks to the chancel end and the Apse

I was even more surprised to find the church way open, a lot I visit are locked

In the porch you can see this poster called Where Sleeps the Dragon the Trail of St Michael's Church's telling you of the other churches to visit, I have already visited one of them the others I will in due course

This is the view you get down the church form near the entrance

The church was very simple and gave a peaceful atmosphere

The altar rails and kneelers

 I like the apsed chancel the church has
 which houses a very simple altar

Behind is this stained glass window showing the Good Shepherd

Turn round and you get an excellent view down the nave

The font is of stone with  wooden top and cross

In the nave you can find the village war memorial which is carved wood and no doubt made locally as most of the local church's have a similar one in them

Above the Roll of Honour is this memorial to Stephen Butts 

Another memorial in the church is to John Griffiths. There is also  a plaque listing the past vergers of the church

The church has some very decorative Keelers

Most of which seem to have views of the church

This looks like the church has a second pulpit

because there is another on the other side

This is a view from the first one

the second has this superb leather bound Bible

which is dated 1889 and no doubt still used today.

Heading back outside to the churchyard you can get a good view of the church from the north side
The west end has a single bell like many small churches.  
The west end and  the entrance porch

Looking round the churchyard you can see  tomb chests and headstones



You trees grow in the churchyard and have disturbed many other succumb to age

But most are still standing

though many are eroding with age and elements

Many end up fallen over and forgotten about and are left on the North side of the Church
Where Moss grows over them

 Others get a covering of green algae from being under a tree

But no mater snowdrops still grow in the churchyard

The church is worth stopping off to look at if you are passing and nearby is a pub where you can have lunch if you like.  
Hope you enjoyed the visit.
 Have a peaceful Sunday


  1. wonderful tour - I especially love those kneelers

  2. Bill, your images of these historic churches each week is amazing. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. This is a fabulous church. I love the old stonework, and the kneelers are very unique. Thank you for sharing this beauty.

  4. These photos show the beauty of this church and the cemetery. I so enjoyed viewing all your photos this morning. You have a gift of photography. I am my families genealogist, so I especially enjoyed these photos.

  5. Such an interesting Chancel end rounded like that.

  6. This marvelous post is all I need to know that I must follow this blog. I feel as if I have BEEN to this great old gal.

    Especially nice to be sharing a meme with you!

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  7. It looks like a very tranquil place. Being a needle-woman the kneelers caught my eye: they look lovely. It's always good to see a splash of colour inside a church. Wonderful place. I hope you enjoy visiting the other churches on the Sleeping Dragon Trail. All the best, Bonny

  8. i enjoy the fencing ... what is not to love actually??!. ( :