Saturday, 8 September 2018

Long Hanborough Methodist Church

Long Hanborough Methodist Church is just along the road a bit from Christ Church it was built in 1885 and has been the centre of the village working closely with other Methodist churches in the area

The first three photos were taken the same day I visited Christ Church

and it has changed little over the years

Side view of the church

Taken a few months ago and the church has gained a new sign
The other thing I noticed was there is a place were you can have coffee & cake and I might add I saw more than a few people going in for one 
Maybe I should have as I may well have gotten a couple of photos inside the church itself
Till next time
Have a great weekend


  1. It reminds me a bit of the country church my aunt and uncle attended.

  2. You can have coffee and cake? What are you waiting for? lol

  3. That looks like a well-built church! I have no idea exactly where that Cambridge shot with the satellite dish was taken, my 40-year-old notes aren't that good.

  4. That's terrific. Wouldn't look out of place in some of the older suburbs of Sydney.

  5. ...normally your churches aren't built right on the street!

  6. Your right Tom, most are but quite a number are beside the street like this one

  7. It was built to last! That new sign is quite eye-catching.

  8. It's a solidly built church. It looks as if they've used the plot well by building right onto the street and later adding a small meeting hall. Wishing you a peaceful week Bill.

  9. Great little church, the sign is a bit disappointing seems like the village green society should have blocked that ;)

  10. Oh I have to agree with George, that wonderful arched window isn't enhanced by the new sign Bill, it's such a sweet wee church, bet you would have got a decent cup of tea in there ☺ Happy weekend.


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