Saturday, 19 September 2020

St Peter Charney Bassett Return

After the disappointment of the weather in my last blog I found out that St Peter was open for Prayer on a Tuesday so as I had the chance I went back and took some more photo's, this time the weather was more pleasant and I had a look inside. The church may be small but there was a loot to see there It was well worth my time

The church looked so much different on a nice day in the sunshine

The walls much brighter though I often wonder why they get rendered over

I came out the door here on the North side so took a photo along it and walked around the back

This tie when walking in the churchyard my feet did not get wet in the grass

Over in the North East corner is an area where all the old headstones are laid flat lost from the original place

Leaning against the wall a couple of cast crosses with the names of the people who were buried under them some where in the curchyard.

The churchyard looking to the church

Couple of headstone from the same family

The tomb where you can still read the inscription on the side

Last week I did not notice the floral display in the porch

Inside the church looked bigger that outside, the cancel arch having a rood screen across it

Here you look across the nave to the North aisle

The back of the church from the centre where you come in, this area was cordoned off
Going down the front to the chancel where you can see the altar and East window
The top portion of the tracery has some stained glass, could not tell you how old this is
The East window with the altar cross below, to the right is an old candle sniffer
The back of the rood screen taken using a pano setting on the phone
This is what I had come to see the tympanum in the church which looks to be over an old North doorway, I might add there are a few in Oxfordshire but I have only seen one other at Church Hanborogh
It is really detailed though I'd love to know what the protrusion is, a Kights Head?
I read this was depicting Alexander with a griffin either side
Detail of the figures
and the scroll work around the outside
The pulpit
And looking out of it across the nave

The font stands in the North aisle it's age I could not tell you. Right looking down the North aisle
On the east wall of the North aisle is this beautiful plaque of the maddona & child

Under it a  table in memory of a person from the parish. Right a doorway forming a huge Squint
On the shelf under the madonna plaque is this lovely cross made from old buttons

In the back of the nave which is cordoned off are a couple of memorials, one is the Roll of Honour for Charney & Lyford from World War One.
On the opposite side of the nave to the pulpit is this lectern
With the carving of an Eagle on the front

The chancel window letting in lights right one of the old lights hanging from the roof
The North door my exit from the church
Till next time take care, stay safe and have a great weekend
Please remember in your thoughts and prayers those affected by those awful fires in California & Oregon. 


  1. I enjoyed this visit to the church. I was affected by the California wild fires, packed a suitcase but did not have to evacuate. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    1. Glad to know you are OK, it is sad to thing of the people affected

  2. Hello Billy!
    I'm so glad you saw the interior of the church. The weather was good for you that day too. I admire the tympanum in the church - wonderful!
    Beautiful Italian Majolica Madonna.
    Hugs and greetings.

  3. Oh I'm so glad you were able to go in this time Bill, so many wonderful details in this small church and you are so right, sunshine can make all the difference to the look of a building, churches in particular..glad you didn't get wet feet 😉

  4. Wow! There are some really old features in the church. It looks very historic.


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