Saturday, 12 September 2020

St Peter Charney Bassett

Visiting this church was a spur of the minute idea and not one of my best, I had looked at the weather and wondered if I would miss the rain, sadly I did not and got wet in the process. I also wondered if the church would be open and did not find out beforehand. Looking at Wikipedia I found a little history.
"The Church of England parish church of Saint Peter is Grade I listed. It has some twelfth-century parts and a turret with two medieval chiming bells. Noteworthy is the tympanum of the church, with a Romanesque relief depicting the ascension of Alexander the Great to the sky, a legendary episode from a version of the so called Pseudo-Callisthenes (the Alexander Romance).
Along with the churches of Longworth, Hinton Waldrist, Lyford, Buckland, Pusey and Littleworth, it is part of the Benefice of Cherbury with Gainfield."

It was just starting to drizzle as I got out of the car and I thought I might get a few photos before the rain came down. The church as you can see is near the road

The West end and above the small tower

Above the North side and from the look an aisle

Left the church looking from the churchyard

The porch looking from the gate and inside a beautiful carved doorway

Above the carved arch showing the church is older that it looks from the road. The door was locked so I had a look around the churchyard
Looking West I noticed a Commonwealth War Grave

 Private William George Franklin

Above a simple wood cross marking William Percy James Miles, the small brass cap badge marking him as serving in the forces

Right looking East towards the far end of the churchyard

This large chest tomb stood out near the church

Above a stitch view of the East end of the churchyard, the headstones here are more recent.

Right what looks like parts of a tomb stacked on the grave, the owner long forgotten about

Looking down to the East end of the church, rain spots evident on the pictures

Looking across towards the Chest tomb

A few of the older graves near the church
Lichen grows on this grave with Resting carved on the top
A last view of St Peters Church in the rain. I Feel the church needs revisiting to get some photos inside so I will return when I find out when it will be open.
Till Next time Stay Safe and Have a wonderful weekend



  1. Thank you for sharing the visit to this church on a rainy day. The carving over the porch door looks old, the figures interesting. I hope you can return and see inside. Have a good Sunday and a peaceful new week.

    1. It is old and there is a more interesting one in the church, one of the reasons to return

  2. There is an epidemic, so many churches are closed to the faithful and tourists.
    Billy, your photos and coverage are perfect.
    Hugs and greetings:)

  3. hey there, "Billy Blue Eyes", nice to meet ya, glad to have you and "InSPIREd Sunday", i am one of the hosts and i am finally sharing another church, it has been so long, need to get over here more often, it has been a while. what a beauty you are sharing with us. thank you, thank you. glad to have you. hope u r well ... i finally have a church to share and i am back ... Beth from VA. i hope Sally will return soon with another church. so funny that the hosts need to show up every once in a while don't we??! u have a great week. ( :

    1. Nice to see you back, wondered if you had forgotten about it

  4. wow 12th century - awesome! wonder what it looked like before the road went in next to it?

  5. It's a fine old church. How appropriate that they have a rain barrel!

  6. I hope you can see inside soon. That carving is very interesting. I always feel rather disappointed when churches are locked, although I understand why they need to do it sometimes.