Saturday, 8 October 2016

St Margaret of Antioch Hinton Waldrist

I came across this church a few years ago and stopped for a quick look. Unfortunately the church  was locked so I could not see in side. It has been my intension to return at some time. The following information comes from the Hinton Waldrist Website
There was a church on the site in ancient times, but the present building dates from 1250.  The south transept was added in 1290, and the nave was widened a few years later.  The church has stood more or less as you see it today for almost exactly 700 years.

 First view you get of the church from outside the walls

Over the wall shows a clean cut churchyard

The east end of the churchyard

The war grave of Private E. Reeves 

The South side and porch

The clock at least was added without obscuring the window

Another view of the bell tower and the south transept

Looking up at the top of the tower and the water spouts

The North side of the church

The North transept

 Some of the tombs on the east end of the church

The east end with a couple of tombs and the war gave of
Private E. Reeves

I'll leave you with this view looking over towards the South transept 


  1. Hi Bill, Enjoyed the photos. I also find grave yards interesting. I've taken a few pics but haven't shared them on my blog yet. Guess I just have to be in the right frame of mind? Hope you're having a fine weekend!

  2. Goodness, but that is a well maintained church and churchyard, quite unlike our local 'God's Acre' ones! It looks so very typically English and very pretty.

  3. It is so well maintained...there must be a local historical group that cares for it....very nice photos.

  4. Hello, Bill!
    Thank you. Again, I admire the jewel - a beautiful, historic church and cemetery.
    Fantastic photos.

  5. Wow. The builders of this church should be very proud that their work has stood tall (and unscathed) for so long!

  6. 700 years!!!!!! Excuse me while I get my head around that idea 😊 That is a seriously well built and well cared for church.. the spirits must abound here, so much history. Merci beaucoup for showing Bill 😊

  7. Bill, this one is so well cared for. It's lovely!

  8. I enjoy your church tours, Bill - always well photographed. Maybe you should contact the church warden to see about getting a key?