Saturday, 1 October 2016

St Andrew Collingbourne Ducis

My wife & I were at a dog show in the village a few years ago so while it was going on I took the opportunity to look round and came across the church. The history I found came off Wikipedia
  St Andrew (St Mary's until some time before 1786) is from the early 13th century. Alterations in the 14th century included the addition of the tower, which was rebuilt in the 15th. In 1856 the chancel was narrowed.
Sorry but it is not a long blog as this was before I took a big interest in churches but I hope I gave you a feel of it. If I am ever down that way again I will make the effort for some new photos

The view you get walking past over the wall with quite a nice old churchyard

 The South side showing some of the churchyard

 The church sign, the Everleigh church is now redundant and run by the Church Conservation Trust

 Not sure where I saw this inside, would be nice to get 3% interest now

 The view along the nave

 and another to the back of the church

 last one showing the belltower.
Like I said sorry it is short but I did not spend a lot of time there hopefully I will return sometime

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Excelente trabalho acompanhado de boas fotografias.
    Um abraço e bom Domingo.

  2. Hello Bill!
    I am delighted with your excellent photos.
    I admire the old cemetery and the beautiful architecture of the church.
    Thank you that I could see it.

  3. It's nice to be able to visit a church (if it's open) when visiting a place for other reasons. Looking on the village website it looks like a pretty one and there seems to be a lively community. It's good that the rector, Revd. Francis, bequeathed a sum for the upkeep of this heritage building and place of worship all those years ago.

  4. Bill, a lovely wee church!

  5. Beautiful old church! Good photos!