Saturday, 1 August 2015

Old Llandrindod Wells Church

I came across this church which is dedicated to the Holy Trinity a while back when my wife & I drove round the area to see what it was like. I said at the time I would like to come back for a visit.
Old Llandrindod Wells Church is not as old as you would think being rebuilt in 1894 most likely used the stone form the previous church which  had bee unroofed by the Archdeacon in his effort to attract people to the New Church in the town. Those of you who follow my blogs might remember he did the same to Cenfnllys Church.
The first church here may have been back in the 13th century and was further west of the present church. In 1920 first archbishop of Wales was elected in the church which must have really gone down well with the Archdeacon if he was still around.

The church is situated on a hill over looking Llandrindod Wells  and from the look still has many people using it as the grounds are well kept

Following the churchyard path brings you to
The porch on the South side

Which was open for you to visit

view of the west end

this looks up at the north side of the church

wider view of the church from the road

 The belcote

When you go through the door you are greeted with this wonderful view

and  if you go to the back you see down the nave

Going towards the chancel area you come to a small wall

which has the pulpit on

 The altar is further along behind a set of rails, backed by a carved panel

the Rails are wood with carved corners to them
Above the altar is this stained glass window with nativity scene

lower down you can see the carved panel behind the altar

Looking up at the stained glass window
The local Lady's had done a very nice floral display beside the altar

Here we look down at the nave from the Pulpit

One side of the altar is this chair which I presume is the onew hich the archbishop sat on when he was elected at the Old Church. On the other side of the altar is this window

There is another stained glass window in the nave which is bright and colourfull like th eon eover the altar

 Going round the church you can see quite a few memorials
like these tow to the Davies & Whittall families

By the door is this commoritive plaque to Alfred George who was elelcted first Archbishop of Wales. Wonder what the Rector who had the roof removed from the church would have though about this.

Memorial to Major Geoffrey Powell Careless who died in battle 17th Feb 1944 age 31, he is buried at Taukkyan War Cemetery

John Jones memorial
David Jones who I think was the son of the previous Jones mentioned

Memorial to Elizabeth Frances Dale and Daughter Eliza who died in  1806. I found online she only married in 1806 to John Dale who was a Captain in the East India Company Navy

Near the door is the church font which is most likly older than the church. On the right is the church lectern

The local ladies have been hard at work here

I think all the kneelers have names on them

On the wall of the church is this wonderful picture of the church before restoration

on the way out you can purchase cards and bookmarks of the church

Back outside you lookdown the path past these headstones

Wandering round them you can find some of the little cast iron fences broken

On the east end are a couple of tomb chests

There is one War Grave in the churchyard to C.W.Vaughan

The headstone on the right here I found interesting because of the carvings on it

The South side of the churchyard

has all the old graves and headstones that are worth looking at

Some of them are on top of the hill

and go down the side of the slope

The most striking feature of the churchyard are these angels

No doubt they once were white but age and rain has dulled them off


One seems to really stand out

Behind is a smaller angel watching over the grave of a young lad who died
But I think these two with the cross are the nicesest.
Have a great weekend


  1. Your customary excellent tour, good sir! Really interesting looking gravestones. And I particularly liked your third photo - something very atmospheric about it.

  2. The some of brick and stone is lovely. The kneeling pads have such great color and design, The interior and the graveyard are special. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. I love the nativity window and the angels.

  4. love the stain glass & those seat cushion are so cool!! neat find! ( :

  5. What a super little church. I loved its simplicity and got a real sense that it was still at the heart of the community that it served. Lovely tour, Tom. All the best, Bonny

  6. A fine, very thorough presentation of this picturesque church. I liked the variety of the fine pictures that gave us a complete view of the building and equipment inside.

  7. A church for the ages. Thanks for sharing.