Thursday, 23 July 2015

Corfe Churches

I visited a village called Corfe the other week which is famous for it's old ruined castle. Not far away is a church which you can see from the castle. Sorry this is not the detailed blog I normally write as I did not have the time to go round the church.

 It was named after  King Edward the Marytr who was murdered at the castle on the orders of Queen Alfthryth, his stepmother. The story goes that his body was hidden in a hovel where a blind woman discovered it. Her sight was restored when she found the body. This is where the present church stands which was built in the 12th century 

The east end of the church
 and where the chancel cross would be is a Statue of St Edward

This is the village cemetery which I would like to have gone round but though my wife would rather not be dragged round on our day out

going back to the castle I side tracked to a park passing this old Congregationalist Church 

It did have a small churchyard and from what I could see was still used

coming out of the park we soon came back to the church

which had some wonderful looking Grotesques or Gargoyles  on the corners 
 Just think of the rainwater spewing from their mouths to the poor unfortunate underneath

I'll leave you with a view of the Tower, like I mentioned I did not go in the church to get any photo's though if I go back and get the chance I will. I might add there was a flower festival on in the church  the day of the visit which we also missed. 
Have a good Weekend


  1. Lovely views of the church in Corfe. It's a stunning place. All the best, Bonny

  2. That first photo makes me want to go there.

  3. That is a stunning edifice and with such a history. I look forward to seeing the inside when you post again about it.

  4. wow, i like St. Edward. enjoy the city wide view ... gorgeous area. ( :

  5. Detail, detail and more detail! Great. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  6. Sounds like this is on your list for another visit!

  7. Lovely photos! The gargoyles are wonderful.