Wednesday, 8 July 2015

St Mauritius Alltmawr

I had noticed this church from across the River while we were driving along it one day, it was not until I was told more by the owner of the campsite I stayed at that I went along to visit.  The church dates back to the 13th century and it is one of the smallest in wales being only 35 feet long (just over 10 meters). Inside it has box pews and a medieval font. This is a shorter blog that I normally write but I hope you enjoy what there is.

The Church sign is in the porch

First view you get of the church after coming down the path

View of the South side of the church

View looking up to the apse, the headstones here are all from one family

and a view of the North side of the church
 View down at the church from the top of the churchyard

 Did not get to go in the church as it was locked but managed to get this photo though the window

Just off the side by the porch are these memorials

and looking down the churchyard shows this view with Chapel House over to the left
This was the path I had to navigate to get to the church.  Like I said Unfortunately I did not get to go inside due to it being locked and I'm unsure at the moment if I will try as access to the church from the road is not the best I have encountered  but you can see some internal view by clicking the link 
They were taken by the late Phil Jones who I used to be in contact with and lived in the area.

Have a great weekend


  1. Intriguing looking chapel, Bill. It seems kind of truncated. What's its history?

    1. According to the Britain Express website the three sided apse was added in late Victorian times, it's also thought it may have been a chapel of ease

  2. What a small church. Must have belonged to one family if that's all that were in the graveyard.

  3. Thank you for showing a very interesting church and its cemetery in Wales.

  4. What a sweet little church. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. Fascinating, I plan to use the link. Thanks for choosing and sharing this subject.

  6. What a sweet little church. It's incredibly "compact". All the best, Bonny

  7. i enjoy the 2nd to the last show with those clouds that is a just a gorgeous shot. what a cutie. so tiny compared to some i have seen lately. ( :

  8. A fascinating church - love that glimpse through the window.

  9. The extension looks light it might have been repaired. The roof is different from the rest of the building. Stonemasons sure knew how to build churches in the 13th century. It even has a little bell tower with the rope captured in your shot, aw how cute.