Saturday, 8 August 2015

Holy Trinity Llandrindod Wells

The Holy Trinity Church in Llandrindod Wells is relatively new in that it was first opened in  1871 and was built to to cope with the changing needs of the expanding town due to the railway. At the beginning of the 19th century the parish of Llandrindod & Cefnllys only had around 500 people. The church took two years to build at at first was dedicated as Christ Church. It was finally consecrated in 1882 when it became The Holy Trinity. In 1893 the Archdeacon had the roofs removed from the Old Church and Cefnllys in an effort to get people to attend the new church. Two years later both churches were restored.   I have visited the church before but the photos were not good so  I  took the opportunity to return for some new ones.  

 The Holy Trinity Church from Spa Road

The entrance is along the side road

Here we look along the length of the church. That is about it for external views because there is no churchyard as such and going round the North side is not possible. I think people are buried in the cemetery outside town which I have yet to visit.

 I had forgotten what the church looked like inside and admit was impressed by it's size. Over the years it has been enlarged a few times. This is the Nave over to the right is the South aisle which I did not get a photo of

 This is the North Aisle looking towards the pulpit & Rood Screen. There is another aisle through the screen to the left.

This is St Francis Chapel. I should have used the flash but as you can see it is used for a community area now
The Screen on the end is hand made and behind is used for storage & utility's now.

 This is the stained glass window you see in the previous photo
And this is the window that was behind me showing Saint Francis of Assisi. I never saw that on my first visit.
 I can't even remember seeing the chancel

which is open to the North Aisle one side and has an organ on the other

 The Organ which looks very impressive and from the look still used

The Altar with cloth on

As usual there is a nice floral display for the Sunday service.

 Looking through the chancel from the Altar

The Bishops chair
The Nave from the Chancel

On the North side is the Lady Chapel 

Which I had a terrible time trying to get a good photo of

 The Lady chapel is at the end of the North Aisle behind the rood screen
 the North Aisle
Looking over from the North Aisle to the Nave

 One of my reasons for returning was to see and photograph the stained glass windows, this one is at the West end of the North Aisle

and this magnificent one is at the West end of the Nave
 It was done in remembrance of the First world war

It has to be one of the finest I have seen

Below the windows are three memorials .

The first to Nurse Edith Cavell who was executed by the Germans in 1915

the second to the noble men and women from overseas who fought for the UK in the first war

and the last to Earl Kitchener of Khartoum
Off to the left is this small chapel of remembrance 

That has it's own stained glass windows in

A small altar and on the walls are the roll of honour along with memorial plaques
This one I found the most poignant 

The stained Glass chancel window is another wonderful piece of art


with the lancets either side 

The South Aisle also has some fine stained glass

with more scenes from the life of Our Lord 

At the end stands the font

and to one side this wrought iron candle holder

also you can see these beautiful hangings on the wall of the church

go to the North side aisle partition and the four saints of the parish are shown
along with this embroidery.

This is the view of the church you get from the pulpit I show a few photos before

Looking down the North Aisle

and this is what is below it, a grand piano along with some one playing it. The guy just walked in and started playing. He was quite good as well.

 Before I went I noticed this on the chancel arch wall so you can see the angels are all up here 

Three on the South side , the North was a little darker to get a good photo of
but this is one of the North side angels
And one from the South side

 The Lady Chapel.

 I'll leave you with this stitch photo of the North aisle & nave I took from the Pulpit.
Have a great weekend


  1. Wow! great presentation! Thank you!
    I like stained glass windows very much ...

  2. Amazing stain glass windows and I love the spires on the church as well.

  3. So much larger this week Bill. You never disappoint. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. just gorgeous. i bet those pipes can play. have a nice weekend. ( :

  5. Thank you for such an extensive tour. Enjoyed it!

  6. Wow, what a wonderful grand tour. I assumed that this church is in Wales by the name. It is gigantic to the churches I saw in south Wales.

  7. Such a fantastic building inside and out! I love stained glass windows and these are just awesome.

  8. A fine presentation of this classic looking church. A fine job of encompassing all of the church's elements.

  9. Another lovely church. The stained glass windows are spectacular.

  10. An amazing view of a wonderful Church's in and out pics!
    Yes, the stained glass doors are really fascinating!!
    Thanks a ton for sharing this lovely post.
    ~Philip Ariel

  11. An amazing view of a wonderful Church's in and out pics!
    Yes, the stained glass doors are really fascinating!!
    Thanks a ton for sharing this lovely post.
    ~Philip Ariel