Saturday, 26 April 2014

Douai Abbey

This is the only Catholic Abbey I have visited and just happened to be beside something else I wanted to see so I parked up and took some photos of the Abbey and nearby Church.

Douai Abbey as you drive in the entrance, no worry I was stood outside taking this

Quite an imposing place

and reminds me of new and old
But I can't help thinking it looks like a stealth bomber
Inside the building, this is the only photo I have at the moment, I may go back and take some more sometime.

 Nearby is St Mary's church which was having a mass at the time but I managed to go in for a few moments at the end and found it a nice church inside though I did not get any photos as they were ina hurry to close up.

Beside the church is the small curchyard

With quite a few interesting old graves 

that go along the north side as well

with a few leaning against the wall having been removed for some reason or other.

 Further along the road you can see the grand entrance to the Abbey School
which as you can see is very grand indeed though not used much now from what I can see. I did not have a lot of time round the Abbey but hopefully will get the chance to go back again. 
Have a great Sunday


  1. wow, you got so many great shots. i love all the designs & shapes. love the 1st church so much!! thank you for sharing all these beauties. ( :

  2. I think that is the most unusual-looking church I have ever seen! I'm going to google it.

  3. Love the interior of the abbey, though can see what you mean about the exterior reminding you of a stealth bomber. Perhaps it is...religion you can't see coming! My initial thought was 'shopping mall'. The usual good photo tour, thank you!

  4. You are right...that first church is a combination of old and new. VERY interesting! Love the older, smaller one, and its graveyard as well.

  5. That first one looks more like a space ship than a church

  6. "Stealth bomber". Good description! It certainly is unique in appearance. Love the old headstones, too. Thanks for sharing, Bill.