Saturday, 19 April 2014

Back to St Thomas

A while ago I took you to St Thomas of Canterbury in Elsfield Well I had the opportunity to visit the church again and this time the door was open.

View from the back of the Nave

Chancel arch and chancel

This is the back of the church and a new rood screen partitioning off the Village room

At the back of the nave is the church font and village war memorial

Like many churches it is  hand written and framed for all to see, it adds a more personal feel to the church & village

The village room is very light

with a plain glass window that has a small part done in stained glass

On it are the coat of arms of Christ Church College and a dedication to the restoration of the church 

At the back you can see a pair of stained glass windows and the rope which pull the bells above

Walk down the nave and you pass this stained glass window

Near the chancel arch is this partly stained glass window

Turn round and you can see down the nave to the village room

The Chancel is impressive
But its the chancel window that takes you eye in the church

This is some superb stained glass

Look down though and feast your eyes on this mosaic of the Last Supper

The mosaic is wrapped round the walls either side

and the detail is quite superb
 When I looked though the windows on my last visit I could not see this only the side wall mosaic

Look round and view the chancel arch

Either side in the chancel are more stained glass windows


That give great reflections

There are wall paintings to be seen which look as though the same artist who painted the Holy Rood church not far  away was used

There are a few memorials on the wall of the church

Others on the floor

Carved pulpit  and wrought iron candle holder
More stained glass

Happy Easter Everyone


  1. gorgeous stain glass windows. amazing!! glad you made it to InSPIREd Sunday this week. have a spring lovely week. ( :

  2. Fabulous tour, as usual, Bill. Excellent photos. And that mosaic is amazing! Another one for the list!

  3. Wow! Thank you for taking us back with you to see the interior. And thanks for sharing in InSPIREd Sunday. I am late in visiting last weekend's entries.