Saturday, 5 April 2014

All Saints Chilton

This is a second visit to this church, last time I took photos with no tripod and was not happy with the results. This time I made sure I had one. The church dates back to the 12th century and the village is mentioned in the Domesday book sitting just off the ancient Ridgeway trail, the place even had a minor part in the second battle of Newbury during the civil war. In the last century it saw action from the second World War as the old RAF Harwell is on the boundary and I wonder how many men visited the church prior to the D Day invasion.

Above is the view you get waling in from the rear entrance to the church the main one is through the Lych gate here which may well have has a hedge or wall at one time on either side.

The path leads past the old churyard

 All Saints Church in Chilton

A path leads to the porch 

from thi sold gate which I am asuming was the rectory at one time

the path also runs from east to west in the churchyard

Inside the church is quite light and retains its pews

The chancel arch is quite small compaired to others and on one side is the carved pulpit the other a couple of memorials

One of them is the village war memorial listing the dead of the first war with a smaller one for the lost of the second war
The carved wod pulpit stands on a stone plint

Looking in the chancel you find that very light and airy

With stained glass window dipicting the birth, death on the cross and the resurection on Jesus Chirst

On either side of the chancel these stained glass windows can be seen

Memorials can be seen on the chancel wall

some on their own

Others in the Nave where you can also see the loft

The font is old as the arch here, an old door blocked up along with what looks like a small window

Avsouth aisle is a later addition and you can see the roll of honour for the Parish of Chiltn

Keelers as aways look very neat

Back in the churchyard you can wander round the many old graves like this fenced tomb

The small angle is on the north side where as the headtone you see is on the south

Here we look along the north churchyard

Daffodils growing near some of the headstones that have been placed agains the wall


  1. Fabulous! The stained glass is wonderful.
    For some reason your mentioning that the RAF had had a base adjacent to the church in the Second War made «Louis» think of Evelyn Waugh's Sword of Honour Trilogy, even though there is no real relation between the base and Waugh's trilogy...

    «Louis» posted First Congregational Church in Palo Alto, California.

  2. A really lovely church and super pics.

  3. What a great tour! I do love such old and beautiful buildings.

  4. hi, Bill ... i really enjoy how you get all the details. so beautiful. love the castle feel to this beauty. love the purple chancel (i would have called it an altar?) ... you are teaching me new words or meanings. i would say where they kneel to pray (you called them a kneelers). thanks, for the lesson. i really enjoyed it. i love working on my mind. take care. ( :

  5. Beautiful! A treasury and a legacy. Great shots. Thanks. MB

  6. Love the tapestry knelling stools