Saturday, 9 November 2013

Village War Memorials

This weekend we remember the fallen from two world wars, most of you will see on the TV the Queen and Royal Family paying their respects at the Cenotaph in London but that act will be repeated through out the country at towns and villages through out the country. This week I will show you a few of the smaller memorials from  round places I have been, some are local to me others further away but they all will have on thing in  people standing in two minuets silence  at 11 am on Sunday morning.

I'll start with this one which is at a church called St John-In-Bedwardine
in  Worcester, it commemorates the fallen from that parish.

 A little furtehr away in Wales a small church called St Mary's Llanfreddy you can see this memorial in the church porch

At Bovingdon Tank Museum this wall commemorates those who dies on operation since 1945.

This Lych gate is the memorial to the fallen from the village of Nettlebed

On the wall either side

you can see the names of the local men who died.

Sutton Courtneay has this large memorial by the village green in front of the church

 The memorial on the left is in the village of East Hendred and on the right is the one in Dorchester on Thames

These two are in the villages of Peppard and Steadhampton and are in the churchyards.
Another memorial can be seen in Reading outside St Giles Church and is another to the men who fell from the parish.

In Albury church you can see this memorial

At Harwell church these beautiful wooden memorials can be seen 

And in the village by the almshouses is another more prominent one, on the right is another war memorial you can see in Drayton St. Leonard

At Kelmscott church this memorial to Frank & Henry Hayes can be seen beside the church pulpit
 I'll leave you with this one in St Mary's Church Cholsey like many other villages in the country it was hard hit with the loss of so many of it's young men. On Sunday they will be remembered.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.


  1. They are all so beautiful! Love this post!

    1. Thank you Lisa, I should have cataloged them but I always take a photo of them when I see them in a church

  2. Very relevant.

    Do you also observe a minute of silence at 11am as we do in Australia?

    1. Yes only we observe 2 minutes it will also be done tomorrow on the 11th

  3. This is also a nice post Bill. I wonder how many of these old places you'll be able to find... :-)

    Many greetings from the Netherlands,

  4. Amazing pictures. Such brave men and women.

    Thank you for linking up with Cemetery Sunday

    Beneath Thy Feet

    1. Thanks Nicola, I must visit Cliveden sometime

  5. Very nice post, Bill, and a nice way to honor all of those who were so brave. I was in Bath on my honeymoon, back in 2000, on Armistace Day. Everything stopped for the moment of silence -- it was wonderful, and very sobering. And, I've never forgotten it.

    1. Even in the shops today everything stopped for 2 minuets, the same will happen tomorrow at 11

  6. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we will remember.

  7. A nice set of memorials. The second one reminds me of the one in the church near where my father grew up.

    1. I hav eno doubt there are a few like that about, thanks for visiting

  8. Dear Bill, what a wonderful Post again! Amazing pictures and story.

    Greetings by Heidrun