Saturday, 2 November 2013

St Blaise Milton

St Blaise is a small church I came across in a village called Milton near Didcot,  I had stopped off to get some photos of the village and noticed the church near the Manor.
Now I cannot resist a church so I took a few photos. Unfortunately at the time I did not have a tripod with me so these are all taken hand held. Take this as a taster for when I get the chance to go back I will do an update with new photos.

 The entrance to the church is beside the village war memorial

A footpath takes you through the churchyard to the porch

You pass by this entrance to what looks like a crypt walk on
and you come to the porch.

 Going in the church you are greeted by a view down the Nave

 Over to the right of the chancel arch is a carved stone pulpit

Choir stalls can be seen in the Chancel

In the chancel you can see there is a prayer painted on the all

 Sorry it's not as clear as I'd like but you can see the words are beautifully painted on

The chancel window is also a work of art showing scenes from Christs life

It's not the only stainedglass window as can be seen from the one on the right, nearby is the church font.

Back outside you can take your time to walk round and admire the building

The east end with extension

The north side churchyard

The chancel window with headstops and some superb tops to the downpipes.

Have a peaceful Sunday
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  1. That extension to the east side could have been an eyesore save for those cute arched windows!

    1. As far as extensions go, this is one of the better ones

  2. Churches do seem obsessed with sticking huge block like extensions on such gorgeous buildings. I wonder if cost could be a factor?

    Beautiful little church and graveyard.

    Thank you for linking up with Cemetery Sunday.

    Beneath Thy Feet

    1. You right but they tend to be church offices or meeting places one of the worst ones Ive seen is at St Helen's Benson

  3. I love the detail and beauty people put into the old churches, and at great cost. I like to visit old churches, too, but now in the US most of them are kept locked and it is rare that I can walk in, have a sit, and take photos inside. It is a sad thing, I think.
    Such beautiful details in this one.

    1. Many I visit are closed and the only way to get in is to arrange a visit, others I am surprised when I find them open.

  4. I do like the colour on the wall from the windows.

    1. Yes reflections from the glass do look good

  5. You had a beautiful day for photographing -- very nice! Thanks for sharing on Taphophile Tragics!

    1. I did though it was a few years ago now so I must return again