Saturday, 2 November 2013

West Challow Parish Church

St Lawrence is a small church in the village of West Challow. I came across the place when I went with a colleague to trace some of the Wilts& Berks Canal that went nearby. We would park a car t each end of the walk and pick them up at the end by driving back to the start. A I drove to West Challow and left my car there while we walked to Wantage it meant going back so it seemed very rude not to visit. I was very pleased I did. The photos were taken back in 2009 and hand held so not as clear as they could be a return may well be on the cards.

 St Lawrence as you can see it from the road

a small churchyard is on the south side of the church

 The arch you see has war memorial plaques on either side

Walking through the arch the path takes you to this porch
 In entering the church you are in the nave and look down to a rood screen

To the right you can see this rather nice old stone font

Walk to the chancel and the rood screen is a plain wooden one with little to adorn it

The altar is a simple but functional

In front of the rood screen you can see a carved wooden pulpit and on the occasion of my visit an advent candle

There are a few memorials and a tomb in the church

The church also has a couple of superb stained Glass windows

 Going back outside you can wander round the small churchyard

and look at some of the wonderful headstones you can see there
 Taking Part in Cemetery Sunday & Taphophile Tragics.
Have a peaceful Sunday


  1. This is the first church I've heard of that is dedicated to St Lawrence.

  2. I love the history of English churches

  3. A fine job again Bill! ;-)

    Best regards from the Netherlands,

  4. Looks straight out of the movies! :) Danica