Saturday, 22 April 2017

New All Saints Nuneham Courtenay

Short one this week which comes from Nuneham Courtenay. I spend nearly 20 odd years driving through the village before I even checked out the church, by then it had closed. The church was built in 1874 and became redundant in the 1970's, though I seem to remember seeing a sign saying the key was kept at Baldon Church when I last visited about 10 years ago

The path has long gone though the grass is still well trodden in the area

I feel sad the church is no longer used and it's not unpleasant to look at in it's surroundings

The chancel end with the chapel on the side

I like this apse on the side of the church

Above west end of the church

Above and right the gargoyles you can see on the south side of the church

The churchyard has a fare number of headstones in it

Many on the south side

of west end

Going around to the north side you can see newer headstone showing the churchyard is still in use

above the memorial is on the wall at the East end of the churchyard, nearby some of the graves

Looking across the churchyard where you can see fresh daffodils on some of the graves

Looking towards the East end of the church

Heading to the South side you can view many older headstones

and family vaults

and one fenced one

Above crosses in the churchyard

Ivy grows on a headstone under a yew tree

Above a wooden cross with will rot away in time and be forgotten about

I did say the church was redundant and locked last time I came. Well I found it unlocked and open so took the opportunity to look inside. The first thing you see is the stained glass window above in what I thought was the groundsman area. I then had a wander through the place which was used as storage and got some photos of the stained glass

Seems a shame no one other than the people how visit to work here get to see the glass

The chancel window is shown here and was the best I could do which what was in there.

I did not linger long in the place and shut the door behind me hoping some one would lock it again and wandered around the churchyard one last time

Taking photos of the primroses growing on the graves

Proving spring was on it's way

I will leave you with this view of the church and wish you a peaceful weekend


  1. It is so well maintained for a redundant church. Even the perimeter wall is wonderful and the setting looks very tranquil. So sad that such an attractive building is no longer in use. I like the primrose shots!

  2. Hello Bill!
    It is a great pleasure to visit your blog and get to know such unusual places.
    I am delighted with your relationship and fantastic pictures.
    Greetings from Poland.

  3. Gorgeous gothic church and cemetery.
    Great post about these places.

  4. Gargoyles are the most beautiful! I like them as well as pictures of the graveyard.

  5. ...Bill, there is a lot of charm to this church and graveyard.

  6. Fantastic! Love the gargoyles and the windows! Glad you got inside.


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