Saturday, 20 August 2016

Botley Cemetery

I visited this cemetery a number of years ago when I was having my car serviced. On my way home from work I had passed it many times and always wondered what the place was like. This is one of four cemetery's which burials still take place, so far I have been to three of them. There also are another couple no longer in use like Osney Cemetery near Oxford Station

The entrance to Botley Cemetery

After going past the gatehouse you are soon into the cemetery 

and not far away is the chapel which is used for services, the building on the left was most likely the mortuary when the site first opened, I think the gardeners use it now

View of the whole chapel

Did not realise I had a photo of a black traffic cone

Looking along a line of trees showing parts of the cemetery which are unused

This is the Sands memorial for this cemetery, the others I visited have them as well

I might add it stands near and are where there are a lot of Children's graves

The cemetery on the whole

does not have that many large impressive Memorials              

like other cemetery's I have been to
There are mostly headstones crosses and smaller memorials

Not long after taking a photo of the coved cross I visited the Commonwealth War Graves

I had see  it from the A34 when we drove past many times

But I was not prepared  for so many graves, I might add it was the first large War Grave Cemetery I had visited

I found it very hard to comprehend at first

The cross of Victory and memorial wall with so many wreaths

Young men from different part of the commonwealth are buried here

This arbour holds the list of men and women buried at the cemetery 

They are not only from the commonwealth, the graves above were our enemy but given the same honour of laying alongside those they fought

different countrymen laying side by side together in death

I left felling very humble and privileged to have spend a few moments walking round the cemetery with then. RIP

I walked back through the rest of the cemetery looking at the odd grave with the headstone laid down

and angel watching over the dead

and with a final look left thinking I may well pop back again someday for another look around.

Have a peaceful Weekend


  1. Interesting. It all looks relatively modern.

  2. Hello Bill, Even viewed through a computer screen those war graves halted me in my tracks. Simple stones ranked together shout out a loud message which 'we' still fail to hear. Poignant and powerful.

  3. The military graves and the angels are quite impressive. Another great job, Bill.

  4. i enjoy the time of day you took these shots, is great for the shadows and what not. way cool. ( ;

  5. Lovely building. I think most of us have no real idea about the ravages of war. It looks a bit over-whelming.

  6. Great shots! We have some cemeteries in Virginia and Maryland that follow a similar style.