Saturday, 2 July 2016

St Tecla Llandegley

Not much I can tell you about this church other than it is older than it looks. I noticed the church when we drove past it  year ago and managed to pop down to photograph it a couple of weeks ago.
If you want to read up on the history I have provided a link to the CPAT website which can tell you more 

The Churchyard and sign tells you the church is used frequently

as you can see from walking up the footpath

The whole chucrhyard here is kept well cut

The North side of the church taken form over the wall

View of the spire which is quite small
Down on the West end and a view of the tower and spire

Looking across the chuchyard to the South side of the Church

Here we look towards the porch and tower

Inside at the back is a screen partitioning off the back for a use as a vestry, the font is nearby

The font is stone but I have no clue as to the age

This I was pleased to see and did show the church has some history the late medieval screen

Behind which is the Chancel

With the altar and from the look a Victorian Tiled Floor

Looking across the altar with the wooden panelling behind

The stained glass window is a very impressive feature of the church

The Pulpit which is wooden and on a stone plinth. Bit of a surprise to see a piano in the chancel

when they had this wonderful organ

Looking back towards the back of the screen and the nave

The Nave from by the Rood Screen

Looking down from the Pulpit

You can see these two stained glass windows in the Chancel

All the windows in the church are just plain leaded glass windows

that are nicely decorated with floral displays

In the chancel you can see the church banner and this memorial with is nigh on unreadable due to the lacquer coming off

I think these are Sextons Staffs

but I liked how the spiders had covered them in webs

The small vestry with garments

Outside it was time for a wander round the churchyard

Where there are a fare few older graves around

At one end the foundation stone for the tower which was rebuilt after collapsing

Looking along the path to the old village school

The churchyard at the North side

some of the tomb chest on the South Side

Couple of very similar monuments

This set of graves with the coffin shaped stones I presume are of the same family

Fenced off tomb

View along the North side of the Church

You can see these two family vaults on the North side of the church

Spotted this carved stone on the porch wall, some recycling I think

St Tecla from outside the gate

I took the photos but Google made it into a panoramic

I'll leave you this week with a couple of photos I liked, the flowers in one of the windows

And these small statues I spotted on the windowsill in the vestry

 Have a wonderful weekend


  1. The first photo of the Font, before I enlarged it, looked like it had a small tree growing in it.

  2. Hello Bill!
    What is beautiful that old.
    I'd love to see it.
    Bill, is an extraordinary place.
    I wish you a blessed Sunday.

  3. beautiful inside and out

  4. Another lovely church! You really know how to find them.

  5. I so enjoyed this trip in and round the grounds of St. Tecla Llandegley Bill. It's such a wonderfully reassuring solid church, the steeple although not very high is an appealing sight to my eyes. It does indeed look like a church that is much loved and used, although those Sexton staffs could do with a bit of a dust :)not too showy, a church you could feel 'comfortable' in. Beautifully shown as always.

  6. i enjoy the weather vane. i am guessing that what you call them too? enjoyable stain glass as well. nice design. ( :

  7. That church looks like such a neat place to visit! But I think I would enjoy walking through the cemetery even more! I wonder how old those stones are.
    Visiting from the Inspired Sunday linkup.