Monday, 4 July 2016

Hagbourne Cemetery

Like many village churches St Andrews East Habourne has a churchyard and like them the churchyard is filling up and most cases cannot be extended so the look a little further outside the village for a place to bury their loved ones who have passed away. East Hagbourne is lucky in that it found a piece of land near the village that was cut off by the Old Didcot to Newbury Railway which is how I came across this cemetery while out tracing the old Didcot to Newbury railway.

Going through the gate gives a good view of the extent of the cemetery
One of the first graves I noticed was this one of Major Ford D Porter who served in both world wars

View through the cemetery
  One of the first graves I noticed with cast cross attached to the headstone

Another shot of the cemetery
One of the commonwealth war graves I found, this one belonging to R.G.Bosher

Looking through the older part of the cemetery which is overgrown

another view of the older part

The new part which is kept well cut and in the distance the railway embankment of the olf Didcot to Newbury line

Last photo is the Commonwealth War Grave of Lieutenant J.A.Glover

Hope you have a great weekend


  1. Seeing a crucifix on a headstone is an unusual sight.

  2. i enjoy the name "Ford". i don't think i have ever seen it has the 1st name. neat-O!! ( :

  3. I like overgrown graveyards - the more natural the better.

  4. Some lovely stones, Bill.

  5. It looks to be an interesting graveyard, Bill.

  6. Wonderful photos cemetry.

  7. Looks like it was a cold grey day when you took these photos

  8. The iron crucifix on the stone headstone is an unusual memorial. I've not seen anything like it before. Thank you for sharing such an interesting cemetery.

  9. It looks much larger than the churchyards which i normally look around - or is that down to the angle of the camera, I wonder.