Saturday, 2 April 2016

St Peter's Ovington

The second of the churches I visited this day Ovington is joined with Ichen Stoke the last place I visited and is only a few miles away across the River Ichen. The is little I can find on the church other than it was built in 1866 and is flint faced. The village is mentioned in the Domesday book though no mention of a church, though there could well have been as one seems to have excised back in 1284

Looking over to the left as you walk up the path you see a large well kept churchyard

The day unfortunately was quite dreary and looked very overcast as I looked at the south side of the church towards the tower 

The chancel end with chancel cross on top

going over to the north side and the small vestry can be seen on the end 

 then back round to the west end and the  front of the church
The North side showing the buttresses 

Going in the porch you will see a memorial to Alexander Newns
 Your first view of the church show a long nave  leading to the Chancel

 Near the door if you look up you can see this Funerary Hatchment 

Heading to the chancel you pass this wonderful pulpit which is on marble pillars

 In the chancel you cannot help but notice the chancel window which must shine some colourful light when the sun shines 

 Below the altar that is frames with a couple of tables with psalms from the bible

You  might notice in the last photo there was a church banner in the way so after moving it you could see the tablet on show

 The Altar had this simple wooden cross on it

Going up into the pulpit will give you this view of the nave

The South Transept of the church

                  On the left is the stained glass window in the South Transept the one on the right is in the North Transept 

 The North  Transept also holds the church organ

On ether side of the chancel arch you can see these panels

Below you can see this beautiful eagle lectern

There are also a few more stained glass windows around the church
while at the back you can see this magnificent window

 The church is rather devoid of memorials apart from this beautiful tiled war memorial

The font is square and on pillars while if you look you can see the carved finials on the pews

 The panel on the West end chancel wall has this cross in the centre

The kneelers all have different scenes on then

and are well made with the churches name on them

The churchyard has headstones and graves that are visible on all sides, the one above is in front of the church while those on the left are on the Southside

More can be seen further up

though behind the screen here is a portable loo which lets the place down a bit

couple of tombs

The east end of the churchyard

Where this headstone to Clive Houghton who's headstone has this carving on top

most of the headstone nearby are recent

though this fenced off tomb looks old and recently restored

Working round to the North side shows some older headstones

and the above arch which baffles me.

One part of the churchyard has been left overgrown

with this trapped double headstone in the trees

I'll finish today with a view from near the front wall of the church looking up at the older headstones

I hope you have a peaceful weekend and remember in your thoughts and prayers the people who lost their lives in Brussels the other week


  1. English churches are really beautiful

  2. Bill, once again you have outdone yourself. This is wonderful.

  3. It's a beautiful church. Once again the windows are the most spectacular part of this church. I also like the tower and the old stones.

  4. Wow !! Excellent report. T

    Thanks for sharing.
    Graciel·la Vidal from AM3

  5. Oh you put me to shame Bill. Your detail shots are such a pleasure to see, you are so thorough! Every-time I read your posts I think I really must go inside instead of always shooting the exteriors of churches. Amazing how many of them have the Eagle lectern, I have seen that here also, on the rare occasion I do go in :) I'm guessing it must be getting much easier for you, weather wise, to get out and about exploring these days, enjoy!

  6. Clive's grave looks older than 2003 ... it looks well seasoned. i guess lots of damp weather and whatnot? ( :

  7. What beautiful windows! I like the stonework too.

  8. I love everything about this church. Especially the pulpit on marble columns! Thanks for so many nice details.
    St. George's Cathedral, the British church in Jerusalem, also has those kneeling cushions each embroidered in a different theme. I think the ladies in Britain made them a long time ago, based on their idea of how the Holy Land looked.