Saturday, 16 April 2016

Magdalen Hill Cemetery Winchester

The last place I visited on my Saturday tour The cemetery opened in 1914 and took over from the privately owned West Hill cemetery which was full and in financial difficulties. Originally the cemetery was run by the Winchester Burial board but now is  run under management by the City Council

 The main entrance to Winchester cemetery

The Cemetery lodge now used as an office

 War memorial which I think is a commonwealth cross of victory

If you look left at the junction you get this view of the cemetery

This is the cemetery to the fight of the road

Walking round the right hand fork you pass these amazing looking memorials all black marble. Some one told me the belonged to Travellers

further along you come to the Commonwealth War Graves

which date back to World War One
The cemetery looking towards the Cross

The Cross of Victory

Just up from that I noticed another cross surrounded by graves
This was in memory of the fallen Newfoundlanders

From that small cemetery you could look down over the rest of the cemetery

which had lots of different memorials

One unusual memorial on the left and a wooden cross to the right

This pillar stood out and was still looking good

Further up the cemetery you come across more war graves, these I think are people who served and when they passed away were given a commonwealth headstone

The memorial on the left is one of them A W Haydon was killed in action in 1940. His wide Vera died in 1997.
On the right is the Grave of Herman Blise from Wisconsin who died in 1918

There are quite a few graves like that in this are

some with different markers to other

some a lot more recent but all brothers in arms
The one here on the left is a little different the one on the right is not a war grave but had a coat of arms on it

From the look on this headstone Jack Crowson was of the Jewish Faith

There are a few war grave headstones like the one on the left which seem to be unique. On the right B Johnson was a fireman on the SS Pagasitikos 

Two RAF graves of F.N Healey and L.J. Kight you will find around the cemetery away from the rest of the war graves

At the present time they are extending the cemetery for future burials when the present one is full

Couple of the memorials that took my eye

The lower part of the cementery  looking towards the main entrance

I liked this cross with the two angels taking the diciest into heaven looking so happy

Looking up from the lower cemetery
Celtic Cross & anchor

There were a couple of this type of arch in the cemetery

This area beside the carpark is where the cremation memorials are

I'll leave you with my two favorite meorials, the child in the snowdrops is old and the name lost to time 

The sleeping angel more recent.
RIP Little ones.
Have a peaceful weekend


  1. Beautifull cmentary.

  2. Bill, what a wonderful collection and the cemetery is so well maintained.

  3. A beautiful cemetery. The older parts are always the most interesting. I love the angels.

  4. Bill-- I want your life!! All these amazing road trips to visit these incredible churches. Like you, I would never tire of visiting these places of great history. Thank you for letting us all tag along. Your photos are always stunning.

  5. Oh, I'd love to walk in this cemetery! So full of history. My favorite is the praying angels. Thanks for sharing.

  6. A beautiful cemetery so full of history.

  7. Wonderful set of images. I've never photographed any cemetery art but I can certainly see the beauty in these monuments to those who have gone before us. Nice work.

  8. I love these photos, my Gran and Grandad are buried up near the trees at the top left of the road, on top of the hill, and my Uncle is in the cemetery too. A beautiful place to visit.

  9. I love these pictures, my Gran and Grandad are buried at the top of the hill under the trees.A beautiful, quiet place to visit.