Saturday, 31 October 2015


As it is Halloween I thought I would show a different view of Highgate cemetery, this time not in color but B & W and the the colors inverted to give that Halloween feel

Crosses in the woodland

Tombs & memorials take on a different feel

Black & white negative you look for ghosts

This angel looks ghostly
as does the circle of Lebanon

The pathways

look ghostly in negative

the tree on the circle of Lebanon

rows of memorials

bleak looking graves
Vines growing on the memorials

and over the tombs

This pathway looks creepy
So does the headless angel
Ivy growing on the graves

You look for ghosts everywhere

Hope you enjoyed the tour

Happy Halloween


  1. These are fabulous!! Love that DEAD one also.
    I featured Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin this week.

  2. Okay that was definitely spooky. Thankfully no ghosts were out when you took those shots.

  3. very spooky ( ; great for this season

  4. I am impressed with your great pictures.
    I like to visit cemeteries. This is unique.
    Greetings from Poland.

  5. The inversion certainly added a ghostly feeling to this series. Impressive photo work.

  6. Enjoyed?? Wadderyermean, 'enjoyed'!? I was terrified...