Saturday, 10 October 2015

Highgate Cemetery Part 2

After walking round the West cemetery my wife & I had a quick look round the East one which is the newer of the two being opened in 1854. This is where you find a lot of famous people buried.

As I showed in the last blog the entrance to the East cemetery is on the opposite side of the road through these gates though you do have to pay to get in in the booth to the right.

The first thing you notice is the well kept graves on the left hand side

with some amazing memorials further on

I must admit there are some unusual headstones like the one above on the left. The right hand one is of Anna Maiher who's work I think I have come across before.

The Penguin Book with Jim Standford Hone on made me think he was a partner in the company but it turns out he just liked Penguin Books so in a way he was after buying so many not doubt. Corin Redgrave was the son of Sir Michael Redgrave and brother of Gemma

I loved how this one had a huge cross and angel standing in front

All I will say is Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy 

The angel on the left looks like she is standing firm where as the statue on the right depicts Mary praying

Now we come to the most famous person buried here

Don't think I need to say who he is

The grave on the left is Mansoor Hekmat who was an Iranian Marxist , Simon Paul Wolff a Scientist and transport campaigner

Hercules Bellville was an American Film Producer

Thought the one on the left amazing. Danny Wilder was a singer and songwriter with Kings of the City.
Looking round the cemetery you can see walkways still there

though much of the cemetery is well over grown

with ivy getting a firm foothold

with the odd patch of color coming through

This area contains the remains of 78 Sisters of Bethany who died between 1912 -1962

You might guess the owner of this wonderful memorial was a pianist who was    
William Henry "Harry" Thornton (1883 to 1918), who was a classical pianist and played music for the troops in World War One

One of the impressive graves in the cemetery

Jeremy Beadle, presenter, writer and producer

The London Fire brigade memorial

'Pop' artist, Patrick Caulfield stating the obvious. I liked the armless angel

Found this memorial of Malcolm McLaren a bit morbid but then knowing who he was It is just how he would want to be remembered

Walking round these memorials you see people who wanted to be remembered as so many stand out in one way or another

My favourite quote from Simon Paul Wolff

 I left this one till last as I think it is the most beautiful memorial I have ever seen. RIP
Have a peaceful Sunday


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hy Bill !
    Very interesting are these grave monuments.
    Very interesting you introduced them, and besides great pictures.
    Best wishes:)*

  3. Bill, you have outdone yourself with this one. Such a collection.

  4. You could fill 10 blogs with Highgate images and I would never tire of them, and I have been there twice!

  5. fantastic graveyard really masterpiece

  6. A wonderful cemetery with some wonderful headstones. And yes, the last is definitely the best.


  7. Beautiful headstones and statues. The ivy covered head stones are lovely as well.

  8. These are some very amazing gravestones. I was surprised by the simplicity of Hercules Bellville's marker.

  9. Oh you have been visiting London? Are you still here?

    1. Afraid not, that was back in September and was just a daytrip