Saturday, 7 March 2015

St Cyriac Lacock

I did not expect to visit the church and I must admit I did not have a tripod with me so many of the photos are done using HDR facility on my camera so they tend to be  a bit lighter. St Cyriac is a favorite Norman saint and the church is build in the11th century quite passably on the old Saxon one which was here. Since then it had had various changes done to it through out the century's. Not far away is a Nunnery which was founded in 1229.

 This is the main entrance to the church which unfortunately still has the wheelie  bins left out the front which does not do a lot for the look of the place

Walking up the path you can see a huge stained glass window on the north chapel where as round the south side is a south  transept

View of the church from the south with the transept over to the right

The churchyard path is cobbled so must be fun in the ice though it does look nice

there are quite a few tomb chests in evidence   

which points out to me

that a lot of wealthy people lived round the area and worshiped here

There are also a lot of old headstones 

though much of the inscriptions have now gone

This part of the churchyard near the west end has more tombs than headstones
The entrance to the church is to the right through the porch

 This is the view you get as you come into the nave, the person ahead was doing the same as me

 This window was one of the first things I noticed

which was in this South chapel

there was another stained glass window in the south Transept
 The chancel one was paled by comparison

There were some really nice memorials on the walls of the church

 Though this one was amazing

The memorial is to Sir William Sharington
who I think was the first owner of Lacock Abbey. Turned out he was a bit of an embezzler as well

This is the stained glass window in south Transept you saw a few pictures back

and these are two of the most impressive memorials in it

along with this brass on the floor which is no doubt a family Tomb

on the lrft is the south chapel and the right is the church font
 Looking down the nave to the entrance of the church
 Here we look over to the north aisle

some nice features in the porch are these bequests 

where rich people leave money to the poor of the parish

That is all for now. I really would like to revisit this church with a tripod sometime when it is not so cold and read up some of the notes on the various parts of note.

Before you go I'm thinking of changeing the name of the blog to someting less morbid sounding, what do you think? You can use the poll on the top of the sidebar to regiter your oppinion.
Have a good Sunday


  1. gorgeous ... i guess for a novice like me ... would you ever show a tripod shot next to one of these so i can see what you are meaning ... i wonder if i could find the differences? ( :

  2. It's an impressive church - actually a rather obscure saint - a child.

  3. A gorgeous post of this gorgeous church. The "wheelie bins" are just part of life and you have to take life as it comes. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. What a beautiful old church. I love the old headstones and the stained glass windows.

  5. Just enjoyed St Cyriac for the third time Bill, once was not enough, so many wonderful details. Stained glass windows are such a wonder, quite plain from the outside but then the exciting thing is that you know from the inside they are more than often stunning, the windows of St Cyriac didn't disappoint. Don't beat yourself up about not having your tripod, these images were a treat to behold, merci beaucoup.

  6. Spectacular! But yes, the plastic bins are inconguous.

  7. Interesting history and marvelous architecture.