Saturday, 21 March 2015

All Saints North Moreton

North Moreton sits next door to it's neighbour South Moreton only split by a few fields and a railway line, no doubt the parishes are of a similar age though the church of All Saints here was built around the 13th century. Much of the original features can still be seen in the church 

All Saints  church is easy to find just off the road going through the village

 On walking round the path from the gate you pass old tracery and a few headstones leaning against the wall

Further round you come to the porch

  to view the church you need to go down to the new part of the churchyard though a lot is obscured by trees 

the back you can see what is the South Aisle 

Looking back to the Bell Tower and porch
 The porch leading into All Saints

On the north wall are a line of carved heads  looking as old as the church

The outside of the South Aisle and Chancel

The impressive bell tower from the base

Coming in the church you get this view of the church from the South Aisle
 Then walking over to the nave  you get a wonderful view down the aisle to the Chancel Arch

one side is the carved wooden pulpit and lectern

The Chancel Arch above which you can see two supports from a rood loft that was once there. You can tell this from the doorway off to the right which was the entrance to the loft
The Chancel with choir stalls on either side

The Altar and chancel window, I think the staff to the left is the sextons staff 

Either side of the chancel you can see these windows, one of stained glass the other now removed

The altar with a crucifixion mural  

which is done using mosaic tiles  and has marble surround
 The stained glass chancel window

these are a couple of close ups of the centre section

Not quite sure what the feet on the floor were about but they had all the kids names on them

The choir stalls on 

either side were wonderfully carved on the front with intricate finals 

 The carved choir stall finals

The sextons staff and a view out of the  chancel arch towards the nave

The altar & south aisle window

The magnificent south aisle window

the altar is impressive too

as it has murals painted on it

Looking up you can see some of the old brickwork and wood framing

the altar cross and chalice. On the right is the window we looked at from the chancel

in front of the altar are the outline of three tombs the inscriptions lost to time

looking through the arches that divide this chapel from the chancel
The roll of Honor of those who fell in the first war

The interesting thing to note is under each name is where they were killed
Names on there I know today as their relations live on

In the nave is the roll of Honor for the second war

Nearby you can see a doorway and steps which would have taken you to the rood loft, this side would have has a staircase leading to it. Beside is a bequest to the parish

this is the remains of a church brass, the figures long since gone. The organ ins in the back of the nave

another roll is this one commemorating a ring of bells done in 1958

Last view of the church from the pulpit.

going back outside you see a small churchyard

with the main one behind

along with a few of the older graves near the church

a footpath runs through the churchyard to a walk at the end

Looking up the churchyard

 Some of the older headstones in the churchyard.
You can see more of the older headstones reused along the footpath by the church going round the end to a second entrance gate. The church has not change since my last visit and looks to have a bigger congregation than it's neighbour. It is also nice to see it has not been re-ordered and had the pews removed. The church is well worth visiting if you in the area especially to see the stained glass windows
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  1. Once again Bill, thanks for the detailed tour of this beauty. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. This a lovely church, bigger inside than you imagine.


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  4. It's a stunning church! I love the classic stone structure. The interior is quite lovely too.

  5. You gave us such a great views of this old church inside and out.

  6. A gorgeous old church. The stained glass windows are amazing.