Sunday, 25 January 2015

St John The Baptist Kingston Bagpuize

St John The Baptist Kingston Bagpuize is a church I have passed by on the road many times, mainly glancing it through the gate as we drove past. It's been on my todo list for a while and on Saturday I had the chance visit while at a wood yard up the road. Unfortunatly I found the door locked but there was a list of churchwardens you can phone to gain access

This is the view of the church you see coming through the gate
Going across the churchyard gives this view which I though very pleasing as it was different to most other churches I vist.

Heading  round the west end of the churchyard

then across the churchyard to view it from this angle
South side view of the church
A.E.Henley  Royal Berkshire Regiment 6th October 1915 Age 20.

Part of the churchyard

I think this may be the church hall which has been added, nice see it's not just built on the side like many

The churchyard on the south side
One of the headstones in good condition

others not so and covered in brambles

The large tomb you see in the churchyard

and the inscription
J.A.Martin Royal Artillery 14th October 1940 age 38  

He is buried with the rest of the family in the churchyard

View across the east side of the churchyard near the entrance
Moss covered Tombs

Looking across the very neat churchyard, the far wall has a gate

leading to a newer cemetery, this part is for cremations

and nearby burials

St John The Baptist

Spring is here snowdrops can be seen growing again bringing new beginnings

Enjoy your weekend


  1. Another interesting find. The graves on churchyards somewhat reminds people about the short existence of life. There is such an atmosphere in these photos. Meaningful and beautifully captured.

  2. What a delight Bill. Thanks for the tour. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. i love it!! what an amazing piece!! i am curious - why the round louvered (not sure of the proper term?) kind of barn topper? does that provide extra air or what? ( :

    1. It's called a Bellcote, the louvers just let the sound of the bell ringing out

  4. Such a stately looking place. I love the clean lines of the structure.