Saturday, 17 January 2015

Holy Trinity Headington

I tried to visit this church a while ago but failed after going the wrong direction. This time I had it all planned out even phoning before hand to check where to park. The Holy Trinity Church Headington Quarry is not as old as you would think, being built in 1848 and designed by George Gilbert Scott. The foundation stone was laid by Samuel Wilberforce, the Bishop of Oxford who's idea it was to have it built there. The locals did not like the idea of the church being thrust on them so boycotted it at first.  I had found out rather a famous author was buried there so it was one of my reasons for visting.

This is  the main entrance off  Trinity road and there only a turning circle there for the local houses

I came in off Quarry road which is the back way so this was the view I had
 Looking left showed many old headstones in the churchyard
 The Preaching cross here is also the War Memorial for both wars

With crosses and wreath left from Remembrance day
 Sgt Norman Allen died on 13 Jan 1941 aged 19

The Holy Trinity Church

Looking from the east end of the churchyard

North side view showing a small extension 

Another view of the north side showing  the north  aisle
The entrance porch and bell tower

One of the reasons for visiting was to find a grave which you can just see on the left by the fir tree
It's the one to C.S Lewis
 The grave has become somewhat discolored with green agile growing from being under a tree but people visit and leave flowers

Nearby you can see other graves some which stand out more than others


A second wooden cross only without the crucifix

Celtic cross and headstone

Headstones & crosses C S Lewis grave is to the left if you follow the sign on the wall

A cross tilting over and an angel

Some  of the graves looked new and well tended

Others were under the yew tree

Two of the war graves in the churchyard

Looking across the north side of the churchyard

Looking west across the churchyard


Seems odd to come across another Lewis in the churchyard though this one died in 1917

Looking down the nave in the church

This is the view of the church as you come through the door

Behind you can see the stone font at the back of the church
and above this wonderful stained glass window

I got a bit out of sing taking photos on this occasion and nearly forgot to get a photo of the stone pulpit and lectern

or the the beautiful advent candle display

 The Altar & tapestry backdrop

But I was mesmerized by this stunning chancel window

Turning round in the chancel you get this view down the nave

another stood just in front of the chancel

 This tapestry I thought was amazing

The dedication on the bottom of the chancel window to the fallen from the Second World War

You can see some more nice stained glass in the church

The church organ over to the side of the chancel

headstop a the base of the chancel arch

The Mothers Union banner and some of their wok with the kneelers

The lady Chapel

The icon of the Madonna
and a statue in the nave

Not sure if it is stained glass but is a panel in front of the window in the Lady chapel

The cot of arms of is above the Narnia windo

and this is the Narnia window which for the life of me I could not get a good photo of. It's frosted glass but would need sunlight to get a photo. I ended up using flash


  1. I love the angel on the grave stone and the statue as well. The church is gorgeous inside. I wish you a peaceful Sunday.

  2. Your customary excellent tour, Bill. That stained glass is amazing - particularly, as you say, the chancel window. I am a huge fan of CS Lewis' Narnia books - I think some of his other writing is a bit beyond me!

  3. Bill, You search out the most amazing churches and graveyards. This one is no exception! The art work of the stones and interior is spectacular. It's alway a treat to visit your blog. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. The places you find are always very interesting. They're pretty unique by nature. I believe that you're travellibg the road less travelled by. That must be a very rewarding experience.

  5. Tis sad that when the family line dies out or people move away that stones are neglected. You did a gave us a grand tour of the remarkable church.

  6. i love all the gorgeous crosses. the poppies. so lovely. ( :

  7. A beautiful old cemetery and church Bill. Fabulous photos too. Thanks for joining in with my guessing game of today's post over at my blog.

  8. I'm impressed at how many churches there are out there