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St Peter Cassington


This week the Church Explorer Visits St Peter Cassington a church I did not think about visiting till I went to Yarnton. It has taken a few weeks to get around visiting but was well worth the effort. There is some history I found on Wikipedia :-

"Geoffrey de Clinton built the Church of England parish church of Saint Peter in the Norman style before 1123. In 1318 Lady Montacute, who was a major benefactor of the Priory of St Frideswide, Oxford, made Decorated Gothic additions to St Peter's: the west window of the nave, east window of the chancel, the broach spire and the upper part of the tower on which it rests. Fragments of Medieval wall painting from this period survive in the church, including a Doom over the Norman chancel arch.

St Peter's church tower has a ring of six bells. James Keene of Bedford, whose bell-foundries included one at Woodstock, cast the third bell in 1640 and the fourth bell in 1652. His son Richard Keene cast the treble and fifth bells in 1665 and the tenor bell in 1666. Mears and Stainbank of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry cast the second bell in 1953, the year of Elizabeth II's coronation. St Peter's is now part of the Benefice of Eynsham and Cassington"

I'd advise a coffee as the blog is quite long 

 St Peter as you walk up to the gate 

 The spire as you walk up to the church

Going around to the south west

West end

heading around to the south west

where you can see another porch

South side of the spire

The porch and nave end of the church. The porch door does not look it has been opened in a while

South east end of the church

Church from the north east side of the churchyard

Wide angle view of St Peter from the north

If you walk around the outside of the church you can see some rather nice old head stops

On your left as you walk in the church you can see some of the older headstones

Looking west it is a bit sparse on headstones
Back on the path to the church
Headstones other towards the south west of the churchyard

Looking east along the south side

 west on the south side

some of the more interesting headstones and tombs
Headstones near the south porch 

 Which all look to belong to the same family

At the west end of the church a gate takes you to a footpath which if you cross will bring you to a new graveyard
Back to the north porch

where you find the door in

This was taken from behind the font looking down the nave

You cannot help notice this impressive chandelier 

Last photos were taken with my iphone so I used my Canon EOS R6 for the nest few

Another view of the chandelier , there is another in the choir

The chancel arch with the doom and beyond that the choir and chancel

The doom is quite faded but then it was under plaster from the reformation 

above the arch s a doorway or window and beside the what looks like the remnants of a former roof

The choir which is under the spire

looking towards the chancel with the second chandelier 

The altar in the chancel which also has part of a wall painting over on the left

Looking back towards the nave

The pulpit

view down into the nave from the pulpit 

Over to the right of the chancel arch is this altar

Neat little waster display on it

behind is a cross and this memorial

Dated 1590 so has  now seen tow queen Elizabeth's in its time

Looking back through the nave

If you church the floor there are a number of tomb to be seen

You can also see quite a few memorials on the walls

The Roll of Honour listing the dead of two wars always something I look for

The font looks like it dates back to Norman times

behind is an area for the younger members of the parish

Beside that is what I think is a Hammond Organ 

Former window or holy water stoup 

You can see a lot of stained glass

most of which looks to have older inserts in it

List of benefactors to the church, I always wonder if the wishes are still carried out, like who get a weekly ration of bread

some of the  areas of medieval wall art that you can see

The nave looking from near the north door as you go in

floral display by the chancel screen

I will take my leave of you this week with a few of the church from the footpath a that runs past the church at the west end
Till next time have a wonderful weekend


  1. The stained glass particularly speaks to me.

  2. That was well worth a visit. I loved the head stops outside, and now I know what a broach spire is (had to look it up!) What a shame not much remains of the Medieval wall art but at least there are traces still remaining. The little roundels of very old glass are so pretty - I imagine this was another church which "fell into disrepair" as so many have done in the 18th and 19th C.

    1. There is a church across the river from where I live with some wall art, I really must revisit sometime. Must admit I do like seeing the roundels of old glass in churches

  3. Such a wonderfully atmospheric old church with some really old features.

  4. A really fascinating church especially with the doom painting and wall art. Some of those old gravestones look interesting too. The stained glass looks good. I love churches and the way each and every one is SO different. Loved the corbels too!

    1. I keep forgetting the name corbels but yes I find them all different is some way. The doom is very hard to see and some churches have them in a lot better condition

  5. Wow what a beautiful old church. So amazing how old it all is!!!

  6. It was built to last! The childrens’ section reminds me of a corral, which seems appropriate. I don’t have a church for today but I still keep an eye out for new ones.

  7. Fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos at

  8. The architecture looks quite plain as you approach the church until you realise there"s the tower with spire and the head stop decoration. Much detail inside too. I like the chandeliers and the stained glass windows. May you have a peaceful week.

    1. I find a lot of churches look plain till you get up close and go inside

  9. Gorgeous, clear photos. Happy Monday.
    I am at 16 of the linky today.


  10. A thorough tour as always. I have never seen a "doom" before. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  11. Thank you for sharing ... I enjoyed reading.

  12. I always enjoy your photos, such grand buildings. Do you think churches will be forever? Thanks for sharing and for linking up with #MySundaySnapshot.


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