Saturday 5 March 2022

St Mary Thame Pt 2


We all know what is going on in the world at the moment so I have places a gif over to the right showing peace doves and a  heart. Representing we should live in peace, love and hope.

 This week the Church Explorer returns to St Mary Thame for a second time to show the details of the inside of this beautiful church. Photo's are a mixture of my EOS R6 and iPhone, I have also made collages of some of the photos to save space.

 The south porch on and way in to the church

Above the door St Mary

as you go in  you pass some superb stained glass windows

on either side

You first look in the church towards the north aisle

Looking down the nave aisle to the altar

This is a new altar on a raised dais just in front of the arch

It is quite simple with cover and candles, behind is a rood screen

To one side a lectern stands

From there you look back through the church

Into the chancel

Where the old altar is

With its altar cross

The centre of the chancel is dominated by this tomb with effigies on top

It belongs to St John Williams and his wife

 Collage of the features of the effigies

Looking back to the rood screen

The panels here on the choir stalls are of the same design as the rood screen

The magnificent chancel window

On the north side these two stained glass windows can be seen

On the south side this one

Along with another two single windows

This one is at the back of the north aisle

and this one is the great west window

There are a lot of memorials too many to record while I was there

This one dated 1627

More items of interest

Over in the chancel is another tomb with a brass to St John Clerke who died in 1593

Nearby is a brass to Edward Harris 1597

This tomb chest is over in the south Transept to Richard Quatermaine and his wife Syble

it has brasses inlay on the top, oddly enough I did not church who it bonged to

The north aisle with the church font, the bottom is 12th century and the to part 13th century

The south aisle which now houses the roll of honour for WWI

The list is long with kneelers depicting regiments on then at the base

The centre panel

Nearby the roll for WWII

There was a pulpit over on one side which I took a shot towards the modern choir stalls in the crossover of the transepts

Looking towards the screen at the end of the south aisle

Another from floor level

On the south wall a tomb chest

With another set of brasses on to Thomas & Joan Quatermaine

One of the best byres I have come across in a church yet

A surprise to find a wall painting

Quite a beautiful floral display in front of the rood screen

Looking down the church form behind the modern altar

I will take my leave this week with this panoramic view of the church
Till next time I wish you all a peaceful weekend


  1. As always, it's the stained glass that captivates me.

  2. What a lot there is to see in this church. I used to live in Thame when I was a little girl, for a while, and I have very occasionally revisited it, but strangely I don't remember the church. Which is odd because I do usually notice churches - that's why I like to read your blog. The stained glass looks to be of really good quality, and the carving on the main monument is really accomplished. I know that Thame was pretty well off in the olden days, with that big wide street showing what a big market it must have had. It's good to see some of that money was put into the church. I'll look it out next time I am in the area.

  3. A lovely church. I especially like the early tombs. Quatermaine as a name reminds me of Rider-Haggard, who I discovered as a writer when I was 15. A little while back now!

    What a shame so little of the wall painting survives, and I am sure there must have been more once upon a time.

  4. Hi Bill, You publish exceptionally fine blogs. After looking through your photos of St Mary Thame I honestly feel like I’ve been there. It’s quite wonderful. Thank you for sharing your excellent photography! Thank you for your kind comment on my Mission Accomplished. Best regards from Seattle, John

  5. The stained glass is lovely and the arches are graceful! Thank you for sharing this elegant church.


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